Bodhisattvas’ (Compassion) Practices -35


When disturbing emotions are habituated, it is difficult to overcome them with antidotes. By arming oneself with the antidotal weapon of mindfulness, to destroy disturbing emotions such as desire the moment they first arise is the Bodhisattvas’ practice.

Modern Translation

A Bodhisattva’s Daily Practice


A bodhisattva’s practice is to have the servicemen
   of mindfulness and alertness hold the opponent weapons
And forcefully to destroy disturbing emotions and attitudes,
   like attachment and so forth, as soon as they first arise,
Because, when we are habituated to disturbing emotions and attitudes,
It is difficult for opponents to make them retreat.

 – The Berzin Archives Thirty-seven Bodhisattva Practices 

(Bodhisattva  — In Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and seeks enlightenment not only for him/herself but also for everyone…)


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One comment on “Bodhisattvas’ (Compassion) Practices -35

  1. contoveros says:

    Please, remember this when a PTSD moment surfaces. Awareness and alertness can protect us by halting that reaction to go to war — the one our disturbing emotions want first to arise . . .
    michael j


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