‘Right’ path never obstructed long, Part II

Originally Cont’d from ‘Right’ path may never be obstructed long 2-18-10

Not once did I have to step on the brake. And I left my house shortly before 9 am — the tail end of rush-hour traffic — to get to a 10 o’clock appointment.

And what about Lincoln Drive, one of the worst roads to manuever in the Philadelphia area, with curve after curve as one follows the contours of the Wissahickon Creek? Great paths to hike and enjoy nature, but treacherous to drive nearby. (I knew my son, Nicholas, was ready to take his drivers’ examination at age 16 after he successfully negotiated Lincoln Drive, chauffering me to the VA building nearly two years ago. He learned what “white-knuckle” driving was all about, and almost begged me to take the wheel and not face the Drive on the ride back .)

I can’t believe this! Here I am just finishing the jaunt along the Wissahickon — less than a block  from the VA facility — and I find a parking spot between 2-to-4-feet high mounds of snow along the street! Someone had dug out and left no “barricade” indicating a “personal” parking spot. It’s an unwritten rule in the Philly area. If you dig out a parking spot and then leave a chair or trash can in the spot, you “reserve” it. Have always honored this tradition. Kinda like never crossing a “picket line” to try to get work.

Well, here we are, inside the VA building. About five people standing in line ahead of me. Off comes my jacket. I put everything — keys, comb, money, etc., into my jacket so I have no metal on my “person” as I pass through the detector. I’m wearing sweat pants, so I don’t have to remove a belt. (My VA Rep a few visits  ago gave me this tip for getting into the building without having to remove a belt. Thanks, Marisa. (See Terrorists force VA to strip vet of dignity.)

I’ll have to talk to your supervisor,” I tell the guard who asks for my identification. The sign right next to him announces that no one will be admitted without proper “up-to-date” ID. Somewhere near the metal detector I see a sign that might have said “yellow alert.” Just what I need. Heightened security.

Do you have an appointment?” the young bearded African-American fellow asks me, almost in a gentle, understanding voice. “Yes, with a VA Rep, here’s her card with the name and number,” I say.

That’s all right,” he offers, so soothingly. “Just give me your name, and your ‘last four’,” meaning, the last four digits of my Social Security number. I offer the information.

And just like that!

I’m admitted.

It’s a miracle! And I know God is smiling my way and that nothing is going to obstruct this path I’m taking this day.

But wait until you hear what happens with the two VA representatives I spend my morning with talking of meditation and Life synchronicities.

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