Love found ‘idol-ing’ at Omega Institute

Originally “Drafted” on 1-8-10

Buddha head outside Omega library
Buddha statue at Omega Institute, USA

Some of my favorite “idols” appeared at the Omega Institute, upstate New York, (USA) while on a meditation retreat for veterans with  PTSD in October, 2009.

For more photos, see Veterans’ PTSD helped at Omega lands
For Story on “Idols” see: No American Idols portrayed in my home

5 comments on “Love found ‘idol-ing’ at Omega Institute

  1. Lea Strongheart says:

    Lea Grace Strongheart..Lea the vibration of joy..Grace a name given to me when I rolled out of a shower into the middle of the room naked at a homeless shelter and Strongheart…a gift from our holy creator. Did you know that turtles also have strong hearts? They will live several days after being killed. My path has been tough…
    As for my instrument, it is a xylophone…unlike any body elses…I will bring it back and play for you if I get to the Omega Institute.

    Blessings Singer of Truth


  2. Lea Strongheart says:

    I believe the young ladies you are refering to are, if there is a label…pantheistic….also…might you be returning to another retreat in April? Much more giggling and breaking the rules meditations may be in order…if they let us come back!!! Lea Grace S.


    • contoveros says:

      Yes, a thousand times yes . . . going back and keepin’ my mouth shut this time.

      What was that instrument you played?

      And who is Grace S? (wait a minute . . . you got an alias. Well of all the nerve. that’s right, Lea is the name you took when entering your spiritual path. Kinda like “contoveros” for me.

      michael j


  3. Katharine says:

    So, do you know Ed Tick? He works with veterans.


    • contoveros says:

      If Ed Tick works at Omega, I’ll look him up! Will be there from April 21 thru April 25. It will be like the last Retreat in October, a “silent” retreat while at meetings and at meals, except when you giggled like a child “playing” and passing written notes as if you were in Church.

      That was the most fun I had. Being a kid again with two Christian ladies who were into “healing,” Native American folklore and a little bit of meditation. One “chanted” and played some instrument that looked like a small round harp. I volunteered at a work site with the other folding bed sheets, covers and pillow cases. She knew what she was doing. I fumbled through the process.

      Got pictures of us in a labyrinth, and on some lake that Omega Institute sits. I think the lake might be a tributary of the Hudson River.

      All shined with a pure and innocent beauty!

      michael j


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