Aggression Often Adds to World Suffering

dealing with aggression by dbaldwin86

Aggression can be useful at times, but when it is uncontrolled, it can add to the world of suffering. I left this comment for a young teacher who sees such behavior daily and has devised his own way of neutralizing aggressive acts and reactions: 

You said:


Saw a lot of aggression as a Philadelphia Public Defender. Many of my clients were no worse than you and I, but had the misfortune to have no father in the house and the only male role model they saw was in the streets.

 Some argued with me when I told them they had no defense. Others walked out of the prison interviewing room.

But I was able to reach a common ground with most and help them achieve a certain type of justice even if it meant they had to spend more time in jail. At least they had someone that listened to them and acted on their behalf, and I guess that’s what many of us want whether behind institutional bars or the ones we make for ourselves with our anger, our aggression and our failure sometimes to seek forgiveness and express love in a tight spot.

Michael J, Esq.

 dbaldwin86 said:


I am sure you dealt with a lot in your time. I think finding common ground is a great strategy. I recognize my own aggressive tendencies in the students I work with. It is a challenge to control our desire for power over another.

Thanks a bunch.


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