Jew, Christian and Muslim Sheik Agree

A small miracle is happening right before our eyes if we only open our hearts to see.

A minister, a rabbi and a Muslim sheik put their differences on the line and walked away clearing  an unobstructed path to God.

They met together and spoke of the greatest aspects of their respective faiths, as well as what they believed were the most divisive.

What they most valued as the core teachings of their tradition:

  • the minister “unconditional love.”

  • the sheik “compassion.”

  • the rabbi “oneness.”

What they regarded as the “untruths” in their own faith:

  • the minister: “Christianity is the only way to God.”

  • the rabbi: the notion of Jews as “the chosen people.”

  • the sheik: the “sword verses” in the Koran, like “kill the unbeliever.”

Now, I’m simply using my poetic license here. About that “unobstructed path to God,” that is. But read this  story submitted by Dustin.

It is from a newspaper article of the “three amigos” who may, one can only hope, help to unite all again. (See if you don’t agree!)

(press here for great story of friendship)


3 comments on “Jew, Christian and Muslim Sheik Agree

  1. A beautiful and hopeful story, How many people does it take to redeem the world. Three? Two? May be even one. Thank you. A blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours.


  2. saradode says:

    And yet people will fight to the death–literally–for those “untruths.” God, unlike us, is not limited. What sense would it make for God to appear to one group of people at one time, with one set of “rules”? God spoke through Yeshua in Palestine 2,000 years or so ago. Does that mean that God had no interest in or love for the people of the time who inhabited the Far East, or Europe, or the Americas? And would Yeshua have made any sense to those other people, or would they have needed to see God and have God’s will communicated in different (but not “wrong”) ways? God speaks to everyone, all the time, and the message is always the same, if we allow ourselves to hear it those “core teachings.”

    Guess I’m in “lecture” mode today! Sorry! (But thanks for the great post, Michael!)



    • contoveros says:

      You can “lecture” me all you want, because the truth will indeed set me free.

      This exclusivity of Christianity is the biggest obstacle I have with western religion. If more “believers” allowed for other views to be co-equal, think of the harmony our world could have.

      Damn fundamentalism in any shape or form.

      michael j


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