Meditation Message Moves Me Mightily

Meditation lets me feel:




I hope this message moves you mightily.

— michael j

6 comments on “Meditation Message Moves Me Mightily

  1. saradode says:

    Hm…speaking as an initiate, it’s definitely not like LSD for me. Even when I “see stuff” (which is really pretty much all the time, if I just open my eyes, or close my eyes, and look), it’s completely different–much calmer, more “controlled”, and more beautiful–the images are responsive and consistent, and have meaning. I never felt bliss with LSD–it was cool to look at everything, but it all seemed random and crazed and sometimes downright scary! But, of course, everyone reacts differently.

    With looking, and with prayer/meditation now, there is nothing scary or out of control; I just feel safe and loved and loving…definitely an improvement!

    OK, back to day #2 of practicing and being quiet and mindful…your “Tea Ceremony” post was a wonderful inspiration for the start of the day…thank you.



  2. Snædís says:

    (-: Love You Too 🙂


  3. saradode says:

    Michael! I think I got it! I’ve always had so much trouble meditating; aside from two amazing times a few months ago (during which I swear I felt a comforting hand resting on my head), I’ve really always felt kind of lost with it–some kind of spiritual miscreant (meditationally speaking, at least)! But I did my weekly fast yesterday, and thought about some of the “tips” you’d given on payihg attention to a part or parts of my body making contact with the ground or each other, and read something on a Buddhist Center website about how I didn’t actually have to “control” my breathing–just “watch” it–and I tried again and it was AMAZING. Even with my son watching “Transformers” in the next room, I was pretty much in heaven. And I just did it again now (and by the end even reached the insight that I need to send a Christmas card to a neighbor who got herself involved with my now-ex-husband a couple of years ago, and caused me unbelievable pain, even though it was actually a blessing in disguise….I think that if I send the card, perhaps my residual, self-involved anger will finally really leave me in peace…sorry for the digression!).

    One thing, though. Whenever I start to meditate and pay attention to my breathing, it suddenly becomes REALLY hard to breath; I simply can’t seem to get enough air into my lungs). Once I’ve settled in, I’m fine, but it can make it really hard to continue at first. Have you ever encountered that?

    Thanks so much for helping me perhaps stop being a spiritual miscreant and being able to meditate like a regular person! Sorry for the very long comment.



    • contoveros says:


      So, now you have tasted “Bliss.”
      I wish I could see your face and the love that must be shining out of you!

      Smile now.

      That’s it. From within.

      As far as hard breathing, maybe you simply need to adjust your position while meditating. I sit with legs folded beneath me. I also lie on my back (I tell people I am taking a “nap.” They think I “tire easily” nowadays, but i am getting energized through meditation.)

      I also breath from the back 0f my throat, making a slight “throaty” sound that I can “feel.” It may or may not work for you.

      Good to know you discovered the technique. You are now guaranteed an additional 10 years to your life-span.

      (Just kidding. Today, just because I know you. I will guarantee 20 years!)


      • saradode says:

        Yeah–I’ve been pretty blissed-out for a while now, but it’s a different kind of bliss–very intense (it sounds crass, but it feels a little like when narcotics kick in, only so much sweeter…as I said somewhere else, like a prayer), and often when I least expect it, or at a moment when I really need it. It’s a kind of gift, I think.

        But the meditation feeling is somewhat different–quieter, a little more “controlled”. My goal (“goal” is probably the wrong word in a Buddhist context) right now is to CLEAR MY HEAD, and sedate the monkey-mind that’s been having a field-day for some reason in the past week or so. I want to create some quiet to talk to God, to put it simply. And, when it works, that’s what happens, and that’s bliss too. 🙂

        I don’t think I can sit with my legs under me; I’m pretty sure they’d fall asleep! But I’ll try lying down (of course, then I might fall asleep!).

        Thanks, Michael.



        • contoveros says:


          What I’m about to tell you is not for the uninitiated.

          I feel like I am experiencing an LSD flashback when I get “high” from meditating. It’s true, but how can one get this across to someone who never “experimented” in their wayward youth?

          You don’t need drugs. Just close your eyes and be still, nudge out those thoughts, and focus on the

          And its free, this seeking within through meditation.

          michael j,

          one who is “hooked” on Life!


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