Coming home grows out of Inner Wisdom

Part III of Bunny Series, see Run-Away Bunny 

Two days is all it took for a pet rabbit to realize an animal hutch made of wood and wire ain’t such a bad place to call “home.”

Spent two cold and windy nights in the snow. Could have burrowed anywhere, dug beneath any garden rock, landscape log or 2-foot high snowdrift.

Not much food. Not much security. Not much sense.

That’s probably why the bunny, affectionately called “Cwazy Rabbit” jumped into his cage yesterday, just after I put away the chickens and the sombitch rooster and whistled for the rabbit’s attention.

Didn’t need any coaxing. We didn’t play his little game of “catch me” which we normally play trying to chase the critter from one end of the yard to the other, with him dodging and weaving and squeezing through the tightest spots, only to end up going into his cage after a healthy romp. It’s gotta be a game to him. He really seems to like it. It’s something I think that I would do if I was a rabbit — Play.

A lot.

But, no time for play this afternoon. He hopped right into the hutch and immediately began to feed on his crunchy mix — happy and content, I hope,  to have such a two-day (two-night) adventure completed and now part of his life’s experience.

Inner wisdom” is what my friend Steven Goodheart called the rabbit’s guiding light to get back home. Sounds like something we all could seek and follow. Cwazy Wabbit may not be so crazy after all.

8 comments on “Coming home grows out of Inner Wisdom

  1. Reading this, I just wanted to SMOOSH Cwazy, and you, and everybody!

    Thanks, and a happy Christmas and presence-filled new year!



  2. Snædís says:

    p.s. adore your Cwazy Wabbit… mind if I borrow that expression? Its just too cool!


  3. Snædís says:

    Being brought up in the snow and all, I know that snow can actually be WARM. Its just us cwazy city humans who think it is COLD. But you have to have a Wabbit intuitive sense of making a snow cave in order to enjoy snow’s comfort 🙂 And if you do, it is very cozy…

    The freedom you grant your little Rabbit to choose between the two worlds is however magnificent; I’m sure it returns also to show how much it appreciates your love and care and affection.

    I would too! Besides, its wonderful to be delivered a carrot on a silver plate after a good day of play isn’t it?!?!?

    You are a kind loving soul. Thanks for being who you are.



    • contoveros says:

      Thanks to our resident snow expert, the “Snow Fairy,” we now know the bunny is one smart rabbit.

      Snædís, Your voice is always warming to my heart!


  4. I am sure that when the rabbit is fed and warm, s/he will long for running in green fields, again. When the survival instinct is satisfied, freedom can become the ultimate purpose in life.


    • contoveros says:

      A resident Greek philospher grants us a word on survival. Thank you Constantina. Freedom is all we strive for, be it in the academic world or the natural world.

      Let’s hear it for Crystals being permitted to ring out loud in both!

      michael j


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