Bubble battles detached retina’s blinding

A green wrist band announces to a Good Samaritan that, should I fall ill or be rescued from some accident, that I have a “Bubble” in my eye.

Not just any ordinary bubble, but a “Gas Bubble” that is slowly working to manuever a detached retina in my left eye back to where it is supposed to be. And then, I could see again, and not have to try to use peripheral vision to gape at  large type by squinting to see through a dark “curtain” that has fallen across the eye, virtually blinding me.

The bubble was “inserted” into the eye two days ago. Yes, some sort of needle was used to inject substances into the eye as several of the bubbles entered the eyeball. The eye doctor — Ali Zaidi, MD — was terrific. Never knew he used a needle to penetrate the eye until long after it was over. The bubbles “shuffled” into the eye like microscopic paratroopers moving to the door of a plane to make their jumps. The bubbles are expected to come together and form one “big bubble” that will kind of “nudge” the retina to get back to properly working again.

When the surgeons explained the process to me, I got a vision of sky divers jumping out of a plane and forming up in midair. Each diver, or bubble, would come together and form a circle and “meld” into one formation. That formation will eventually push the retina back into place.

WARNING: Gas Bubble in Eye, the tag says in bold black lettering. The wrist band is a flexible plastic, like an inexpensive table-cloth somebody’s grandmother used to use to cover a scratched up dining room table.

It is green. A bright lime green, designed, I believe, to immediately grab someone’s attention who may inadvertently come across my body and make sure nothing is done to “bust my bubble.”

To “see” Part II,  press here: 

 Blindness warning wraps ’round wrist


7 comments on “Bubble battles detached retina’s blinding

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  2. Big love and healing to you, my friend! When you come to mind, I’ll send big love to your dear eye.



  3. sparrow says:

    May this goodness come forth. . .Michael i wonder when the gas bubbles come together and push the retina back in place if they will say; Whoopeee. . . . .


  4. Snædís says:

    Wishing you all the best dear michael j and a full vision recovery. You are a brave man!


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