poem purloined from pretty pet place

          Don’t like to sound “cocky,” but when I see something a cute little chick  wrote for me.

            I   want   to   climb   to   the   top  to   crow     how she just made this old heart to grow. 

* * * * * * * * * * * *   

Dear ML,  

I will never underestimate a chicken or her mate after sparring with “Words We Never Said ( Please see wordsweneversaid.)  

You’re inspirational. And I bow to you with a tip of my hat!  

(Please see original at Beware the Banty Rooster) 


City slickers and their country cousins ought to know  

How Roosters strut their stuff in front of pretty hens

In plumage preened and plumped to make a tougher show

Caring not a peck for the attention of their friends…

Keep a close eye on that banty rooster in the scratching yard,

Every  city  boy  should  learn  before its way to late

Not to ever underestimate a chicken (or her mate).



1,000,000/yes . . .  0/no

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  •   contoveros Said:

    Words We Never Said:   

    Can not top this in a million years.   

    you win, ML!   

    (Actually, we all win with such a poetic addition to the barnyard.) Thanks.   

    michael j   

For more bantam banter see Rooster racks up pain and admiration  



2 comments on “poem purloined from pretty pet place

  1. sparrow says:

    thanks for the smile. . .


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