Soar with me all the way to Nirvana

 (Fifth in the Totem series, Cont’d from ‘Common’ Ground )

Why am I sharing this reflection now? I saw two sparrows fly away from the undercarriage of my car the other day. I parked in a lot of a nearby store, made purchases, and was returning when I got to within feet of my car, and noticed the birds.

They seemed to have been “resting” on the front right tire.  They took off and might have flown to a nearby tree. I was unsure, as my attention wandered elsewhere. Why do birds feel comfortable at my car? I thought. There are some 50 to 60 other cars parked at the Conshohocken, PA,  Target Store. Why choose mine?

Because they feel secure with me, I answered from within, wanting to immediately seek psychological help when realizing what I had just suggested. I pose no threat to birds or other creatures, I overruled my sensible self, and continued to see some mystical message in this encounter.

The birds sought refuge with me.

I felt then, and I still feel now, that I had simply spoken the truth. I am like the common sparrow, the Ordinary Sparrow that I never thought I would ever become. Not just any ordinary sparrow, but one with a small talent in writing, an ability, at times, to communicate complex ideas by offering them in smaller portions that a “common person” would more readily be able to consume and understand.

The song sparrow reflects the chakra energy awakening from the heart and throat,” is how one site, the Animal Totem: Sparrow, described the totem’s gift. “It reminds us to sing out our own song of dignity and self-worth.”

At one time, the sparrow was the symbol of peasants and the lower classes, particularly during the Middle Ages in the “Old World.” In ancient Britain, the ordinary sparrow represented the symbol of friendly household spirits.

Becoming one with them is enlightening as well as fulfilling. “Contoveros,” by the way, roughly translates into a “singer of truth.” Not bad for a seeker on such a Journey as this.

Now, if I could only travel back in time to the ancient Greeks, when the common sparrow was the special pet of one lovely Hellenic woman named by the gods as, “Aphrodite,” the goddess of love, then I’d really soar towards Nirvana.

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3 comments on “Soar with me all the way to Nirvana

  1. Jinny says:

    Just went through all 5 articles in this series — it’s fascinating to read about how you found your animal totems, and their meanings. And, like you said, it’s syncronicity that we stumbled across each others blogs — you’re looking to come to India, I’m just taking baby steps toward meditation — you seem to be very deep into your meditation practice/spiritual journey, and write beautifully about your experiences/thoughts. Thank you!


  2. sparrow says:

    Thanks Michael this has been a fun series to read. . .


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