Chickens know “egg xactly” where to lay

A dozen eggs lay in a circle as if some god “racked” them like billiard balls and left them in the hay for us to find the day before Groundhog’s Day.

They had remained hidden the past several days as we added heat to the shed where the chickens lived in their “coop.” I discovered this treasure trove almost by accident. I was rearranging the litter box “Cwazy Wabbit,” our white bunny, uses to sleep in. It covers the center of his metal-encased hutch. I spilled new Timothy hay to the side of the box, moved it to clean, then saw the eggs the two hens laid beneath the rabbit.

What a site for this city boy! 

I shouted aloud, disbelieving what I saw, yet understanding the logic behind their actions. The chickens had to duck to get beneath the rabbit cage. They “squatted” to lay the eggs. They are hidden from the rooster who seems to always get into their space. And the rabbit above them probably offered them a little extra warmth as he slept. Talk about a security blanket of pure white fluffiness.

Holy crap,” I gasped on seeing them.

My son, Nick, said something similar, but forgot to clean up his language. We felt like proud parents on seeing the eggs. Nick wanted to leave the eggs where they lay. Uh oh, I said. Look what happened the last time we let a hen sit on one. A baby chick hatched and is looking more and more each day as if it will be a rooster. Can you imagine what it would be like to have 12 of those mean birds crowing day and night and fighting like . . .well, let’s say . . . bantam roosters?

No thanks . . .

I gathered up the eggs, put them in a plastic bag and inserted them in the fruit and vegetable drawer of the refrigerator. When Nick isn’t looking, I plan to boil them and eat egg salad for about a week. Thank you Hilary and Michelle. You have performed your duty admirably and this egg connoisseur will enjoy every bite your egg production will have provided him.

Ain’t Nature Grand?

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