Eye “balling” new game for aging vision

Got me a built-in “jelly” toy for my left eye. It’s about the size of the pupil, you know, that part of the eye that we say is the color shade of blue, green, or in my case, brown.

The jelly wiggles. It moves to the right when I look left; down, when I look up. And does a great imitation of someone dancing the Pony, the Twist and the Jerk all in one. It really “moves.” When stationary, it kinda looks like the old CBS “eye,” you know, the round one that appeared black in the old “Black and White” television sets. Uh oh. Giving away my age, here. Color TVs have been the norm for 30 years now and anyone under 35 may not know what I’m talking about.

Aging. That’s what I’m really getting at. Something we all do, and, unfortunately, some health issues we’ll have to deal with in the coming years. For me, this new adventure with aging caused a detached retina. They tell me they caught it in time, and that doctors will restore my sight. It won’t be like it was before. Heck, I haven’t had 20-20 vision since I was about 12 and squinted to see the blackboard in grammar school. (Oops, there’s another one of those “antique” words, like the ones we danced to: the Watussi, the Slop and the Mashed Potatoes. Can’t tell what my 17-year-old is doing, except “dancing” at a heavy metal concert, moving to music in a pit he calls a “Mosh.“)

And it won’t be the same vision I had before the retina tear. I’ll need a new prescription following an eye exam. Will need one for eye contacts too. (Maybe I’ll get some that would turn the color of my eye blue. One blue eye, one brown. Could give a whole new meaning to “here’s looking at you kid.”)

My left eye “jelly wobbler” appears dark gray, almost dark brown on the outside of the circle. The circumference, I think it’s called. There’s also an interior round shape of a more clear substance. It changes colors as I look at different backgrounds, from gray to purple, picking up traces of orange and even a hint of red.

It commands my attention when I remove my black eye patch. Reading this now, I “see” it change from a deep dark purple to a smooth violet. Against a bathroom light, it turns a soft pink. It’s cool. But distracting when I want to look at any thing other than that jelly item.

Is it a big “floater?” Maybe. Will have to check with the eye doctor this week. Meeting him weekly over the next month or so, ever since Jan. 13, 2010. The retina got torn from aging, one physician told me. It could be genetic. Could be based on wear and tear of the eyes. Started out as what they call floaters, the tiny particles in the eyes, that look like squiggles, specks or tiny threads that seem to float across your vision when you move your eyes. Everybody gets them.

For a closer “look,” see Part II

 The Eyes Have It Until A ‘Tear’ Catches Up

7 comments on “Eye “balling” new game for aging vision

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  2. Hi Michael,

    I am not sure how I ended up here but I have been through major surgery for a detached retina. I have a permanent plastic buckle in my eye.

    I remember all the changes in sight. It was quite a spiritual journey for me.

    Yes, it will soon be over and you will have much to reflect upon.




    • contoveros says:

      I needed some new material to write about. You know, for the blog.

      So, I figured I’d keep an eye out for something catchy, something that would be an “eye-opener.”

      So what does God send me? A detached retina. And a sense of humor to poke fun at it. I see it as another adventure. An often tiring one, as you are aware. But the start of a new journey.

      Got nearly 10 posts out of the retina damage. Let’s “see” if this story “still has legs to it,” as they used to say in Journalistic circles.

      Sounds like you got quite of an adventure yourself out West. Thanks for stopping by the East Coast. (Loved your leather art!)

      michael j


  3. Even though I’m getting older, I refuse to age! At least not age gracefully. My knees are going and I now have bifocals, but they will have to frag me kicking and screaming out of my (extended) youth!


    • contoveros says:

      “…Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light…”

      Hope no one disrupted your youthful outlook.

      Took me a while to understand where you were coming from.

      Now, I see much more clearly. I’m still 17 inside of me. A little crazy and still subject to taking a risk, rather than be satisfied with the status quo and the security of the “known” world

      I want to taste the “unknown.” the mystical, even a little of . . .that . . . which may have caused fear in me at one time. Does it have the same hold on me? Should it? And if it does, I want to know why.

      Hell, I’ll need another 60 years just to figure that out. They’ll have to bind and gag me to prevent me from seeking my personal fountain of youth.


  4. I have to head to sleep Michael – I have words but sleep wants them for now.

    *hug* if I may – you will be in my dream thoughts (as well as those waking once I do so)

    Be well friend,


    • contoveros says:

      “Sleep. Perchance to dream . . .”

      I forgot to tell you ML. I see the “jelly” when I close my eye. It’s there now. Just as I shut my eye, let my eyelid drop over the left eye. Don’t really know what I’m seeing. Looks a little irridescent blue and a little green.

      Could it be the infamous gas “bubble” behind all of this? Is the bubble pushing the retina into place?

      One day, this experience will be over, but I’ll be able to remember it through our discussions on this blog. Others with detached retinas may also view it.

      Will I, will we, recall it as the days of the “evil eye?

      Or the days the “Eye of God” was shining in my life?

      Only time, and a failing memory, will tell . . .

      michael j


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