Snow chore brings father closer to a son -2

Cont’d from Snow chore brings a father closer to his son

Removing snow was always a small challenge. But, I prided myself on getting out of the house quickly, and providing a safe route for pedestrians and our family cats and different dogs over the years to scamper in the rather expansive upper yard.

The Winter of 2010, however, has knocked me for a loop! 

The last few years — as age and PTSD demanded more of my attention — I have found it increasingly difficult to attend to the  winter snow chores as “joyfully,” or, actually, as “dutifully” as I used to. And that is where my Son, Nicholas, has become a blessing.

He shovelled the entire front walkway of our home, while I attacked the yard. The 17-year-old refused to “take a break” when I leaned on my shovel, exhausted and in need of a second breath. (I’d later break that shovel by excessive use — too much slushy stuff.) 

I’ll prepare food for the chickens and rooster,” I tell him as I walk down the hill and into the warm house. He continues to shovel where I left off, about halfway up the path to the back of the yard where the chicken coop rests.

It’s still snowing. It’s been nonstop snow for over 24 hours now. Blizzard conditions.  Thunderstorms actually mixed with winter snow falls. The worst storm of my lifetime, this Winter of 2010.

Mixing chicken feed with bread, I pour some crackers and chicken broth into a bowl and warm it for our feathered friends, the fowl ones. Yeah, we spoiled ’em. We give them left-over scraps, fruit and vegetables. Add pieces of bread, that would have gone to waste had I not removed some mold around the edges. It stretches out the food and I think I would be so grateful to the guy who was feeding me such a meal if I was a chicken.

Add some bird seed and even black oil sun flower seeds to top it off. I told you we treat ’em good.

See Part III

Snow chore brings father closer to a son -3

8 comments on “Snow chore brings father closer to a son -2

  1. kim says:

    I have been wanting chickens for awhile now, but we’re honestly way too busy to take care of any. Your yard sounds beautiful. It’s hard for me to imagine a place where homes have been in existence for 150 years, though I have been to Pennsylvania twice and seen it for myself. The Seattle area is so ‘new’ by comparison. My neighborhood was but a woods just thirty five years ago, and we still keep most of our acre in that natural state. Not much snow here to shovel, but I know it is hard work! Yes– it’s nice to have young men around to pitch in. Enjoy it while you can. Soon he’ll leave home. 😦


    • contoveros says:

      Gathered six eggs from the roost, showed ’em to my son and wished him well at his job as a bus boy at Houlihan’s tonight, thinking about what little time there’ll be to enjoy these little things. Thanks for reminding me!


  2. *smile*

    I wouldn’t mind being a chick in your yard – sounds like five star treatment to me!




    • contoveros says:

      You’d make to the top of the pecking order!


      • *chuckle*

        I bet you say that to all the old hens…



        • contoveros says:

          Can’t top that last one!

          michael j,
          humbled in your presence


          • *laughter*

            *friend hug*

            Be careful out there scooping up all that snow Michael – okay?

            Odd – this part of my province was slammed last year with the white stuff – this year? Not so much…

            Y’all must have got all the snow to yourselves.


            P.S. Please share my good luck wish with your son – I hope he likes his new job and I wish him great success.


            • contoveros says:

              We could ship a couple of tons of snow up your way, if you like.

              Will pass on to Nick your salutations. He called me at 10:30 pm asking me to wash his “work clothes” for tonite. He didn’t get in until near midnight last nite. I got an all day retreat, I tell him. Well what am I going to do, he asks.
              Wash them, I says. I’ll start it, but you’ll finish it,I say.
              It’s now 7 am and am still waiting for the youth’s clothes to wash. Will have to wake and shake and bake him soon to get those clothes.

              Woke him. got things started. Where will it end, is anybody’s guess

              Is parenthood always like this?
              michael j
              Gotta Luv EM!

              Let’s see how this chapter develops.


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