Bodhisattvas’ (Compassion) Practices -36


In brief, whatever conduct one engages in, one should ask, “What is the state of my mind?” Accomplishing others’ purpose through constantly maintaining mindfulness and awareness is the Bodhisattvas’ practice.

Moderen Translation

A Bodhisattva’s Daily Practice


In short, a bodhisattva’s practice is (to work)
   to fulfill the purposes of others
By continually possessing mindfulness and alertness to know,
No matter where or what course of behavior we’re following,
How is the condition of our minds.

  – The Berzin Archives Thirty-seven Bodhisattva Practices 

(Bodhisattva  — In Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is anyone who is motivated by compassion and seeks enlightenment not only for him/herself but also for everyone…)

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8 comments on “Bodhisattvas’ (Compassion) Practices -36

  1. Deathly says:

    Death is coming. Never forget.


  2. JhanaJian says:

    I’m confused about this, Michael. What is the point in working to fulfill the purposes of others? Is this some kind of self sacrifice? What about fulfilling our own purposes? Am I missing something here?


    • contoveros says:

      When you are employed at a job, you are usually working for the purpose of another, is how I interpret this.

      As far as fulfilling our own purposes, JhanaJian, I think each must look within for that answer.


      Here is another view of this practice:

      “As it says in Engaging in Bodhisattva Behavior, we need continually to examine our minds and see their condition. Then, with mindfulness, we need immediately to apply the various opponents to any disturbing emotions and attitudes that might be present. For instance, if we were on a caravan and reached the northern plateau of Tibet , we would be very mindful and alert not to go just anywhere. We would choose the correct path very carefully; otherwise, we could easily get lost. In the same way, we need to not allow our minds to go just anywhere.” — the Dalai Llama


  3. Agnes says:

    An uncluttered mind is priceless.


    • contoveros says:

      Funny, I spoke of being emptied in order to be filled this very morning at breakfast with a friend who said the same thing. You now have made it the third time such a remark has come up about the void.

      Synchronicity and not coincidence!


  4. saradode says:

    These have become so useful to me, Michael. Very often the one you post seems to be an answer to a question or a struggle I’m having, or at least gives me a way to think about it.

    Thank you.



    • contoveros says:

      Me too. I got to get more of the terminology down. I tried to explain one or two to a friend at breakfast today, but couldn’t find the right words. And forgot I been carrying in my back pocket for 36 days this little book with the initial quotes in it.

      Dumb is as dummy does.

      michael j


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