Gender ‘illusion’ fools a macho man

Originally Cont’d from Macho man marvels at mistaken miss 1-5-10

“Enlightened” is the only way I can describe how I felt after sharing thoughts with my new friend, JhanaJian, who shook my reality with something I was not ready to hear. I had viewed this person one way, and was forced to alter that viewpoint as truth hit me right in the eye. What you think you see is not real, but only an appearance of a reality you wanted or have been conditioned to see as real.  See for your Self . The following is a verbatim transcript leading up to my realization. It started with a post written by JhanaJian, called  Osho: We Will Teach How to be More Sensitive…:       

[Contoveros] . . . JhanaJian, Great post, my man. The comments are dynamite, thought-provoking and to the point. Ever think when you write something that you would get comments at least 10 times as long as the initial article? I wonder if Osho may have had that in mind when he came up with this “in your face” stick in the eye approach?  Yeah.   I’ll give him kudos too!  michael j     

  “my man”? What did I do to deserve that?     

    Familiarism? Felt like I was talking to one of my old buddies from the city “block,” using the forerunner to the “home-boy” expression, as in “my good man,” or more succinctly, “my man.” Didn’t you ever see “Rocky?” I sang on a street corner just like the kids did in the movie.      

 JhanaJian: But Michael, I’m not a man…          

[Contoveros] . . . WHAT?  All this time i been viewing you as a guy. At least, I thought that was what the person looks like in your “mugshot.”Ok, let me put my foot in my mouth by saying something stupid like, you write like a man. Does that make sense? i mean, . . .  Oh, i don’t know what I mean. What should I call you? Jhana? Now you’re going to tell me that you don’t live in Brooklyn. [editor’s note: this was supposed to be a joke] Come on. Level with me. You don’t have anything in your biography, that short intro that most of us have that simply tells people a little “About” ourselves. All right . . . my lady. Is that better?  michael j,    confused, but still friends.      


JhanaJian: Okay, I don’t want people thinking I’m a man. When I can, I’ll do a short page on me. I’m also going to do a page on Osho (that comes first). Why would you think I’m a guy, Michael? Hmmm? Would you like to take the 5th on that one?      

  You have strong opinions and you don’t beat around the bush. You’re a fighter, a person with a strong personality, someone, I don’t know, like me. . . maybe I should take the fifth. Or, two glasses of wine, red wine.You still haven’t denied that you ain’t from Brooklyn.      

   I ain’t from Brooklyn.      

 Well, where then? And where did you get that hat?       


This is where a “candid camera” moment materializes. A person named “ICarrion,” who had been writing comments to the spiritual post, had, evidently, been following this string of gender “give and take” and decides to give their own advice to me:     

 ICarrion:        . . . I’d go straight for the bottle Michael, and take the Fifth after the fourth since you already seem to be well past the First . . .       


Now, these are from comments made at another JhanaJian post, Here’s to ‘Em!, with poetry by Jack Kerouac, whom I admire:       

  I try to write like him [Kerouac]. With long sentences. That ramble a bit, but bring out emotions from deep within to a surface that cries out for its stinging truisms. Sometimes.      

He was a Buddhist, you know. Also an Army veteran. Drank a bit too, I heard.      

  You are acknowledging a kindred spirit?      

[Contoveros] . . . Yeah. Who do you see yourself as at times? And don’t “cop out” my friend. (like you copped out in not telling us where you are from. Not even the country, for Buddha’s sake.)       

 I don’t like to talk about myself, Michael. It’s irrelevant. I’m an American — of northern European ancestry.  And I like to laugh, and I wear weird hats.    

  ICarrion:. . . American….. Oh Darn!!
And here I was thinking this must have been put together by a human being
. . .   


2 comments on “Gender ‘illusion’ fools a macho man

  1. JhanaJian says:

    Yes, ICarrion is obsessively anti-American. I put up with it as long as I could, but it finally broke us up. I had been seeing him in Second Life.

    By the way, how did you get these comments? I had deleted them from my blog. Are they not deleted?


    • contoveros says:

      I used the quotes in a story I initially wrote 1-5-10. It was Part II that I never “published” correctly. I had written nearly 50 other Part IIs and a few Part IIIs that never saw the light of day from December until this past week.

      I didn’t discover the mistake until two or three days ago, and I am “publishing” them three or four at a time. You can see the “agate type” print on the top, stating “Originally Cont’d from . . .” followed by the front page headline, and then the date it was to have orginally been published.

      In other words, this should have appeared in January with the first part of our story.

      “Our story.”

      Does this mean we might have a “thing” going on? When was the last time some guy spoke to you about “our story?”

      All right. I will always hold a special place in my heart for you because of the identity mistake. It feels cool to talk to you as a girl (I’m sorry, a “woman.”)

      Later, my (wo)man!

      michael j


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