Skype opens the world of tomorrow today

The future is now.

I spoke from the USA to a woman in Scotland Monday and felt my world leap ahead a full millenium as I “saw” her on my computer screen at the same time I spoke to her. I had never experienced this before. Never knew society had such technology.

Never knew that “2,001, a Space Odyssey,” exists in the world today. I’m talking about the scene when the scientist calls home from a space port circling the moon, or somewhere in space. He speaks to his little girl, a gorgeous creature who does not seem to be acting. There’s a two-way conversation, ending with Bell Telephone Company signing off.

The government may have broken up “Ma Bell” before the Year 2,001, but the image of the two-way, face-to-face conversation stayed with me. All the way up to my second floor bedroom, as I placed a lap top computer on a wooden “brakfast-in-bed” tray, and scooched beneath the table legs, propping my back up with three fluffy pillows.

I was all set. But, I had not combed my hair. What if someone sees the brass head frame behind me? It’s discoloring in spots. Could they see my cheap radio on the tiny bed-stand? What about the half-full glass of water I left overnight?

Well, I can fix that. I’ll push the button for audio only. This way, I could see the lovely Scottish Lass, but she couldn’t see me. Turns out, the masters’ degree student was not from the highlands, but the “flatlands” of Oklahoma. Moved to Scotland for the one and only course of its type in the world, according to Alicia Dudek, who interviewed me about my blogging activities the past six months.

The accommodating young woman, of Polish descent, coached me into setting up “Skype.” I already had a built-in camera and speakers in the Veterans Administration (VA)-provided computer. She guided me to the link to download the relatively new devise.

And get this. IT’S FREE!

You can talk with and see anyone in the whole wide world with a hook-up. Anyone want to try Afghanistan? How about a relative in Peking, behind the Chinese wall. Can you imagine what this is going to do in shrinking our world and bringing people closer to one another than ever before?

And that is what Alicia is “mastering.” She’s compiling data on bloggers, how one got started, where they blog from, and what if any problems they encountered on their journey. (See Blog watching with a purpose)It is truly “cutting edge,” and I was glad to take part.

Now, If I could just get the gel to hold that hair in place, and that charming smile fixed for my next broadcast, all will be well. Watch out Mr. Ed Sullivan.

For the study, see:

Here are our questions for people who blog

5 comments on “Skype opens the world of tomorrow today

  1. […] This exchange is between JhanaJian and Contoveros, (aka michael j contos) about the story Skype opens the world of tomorrow today: […]


  2. JhanaJian says:

    Yes, that same face-to-face interaction is possible with Trillian (a great full-featured Instant Message software) if you have a webcam. But even without a webcam, you can still talk to anyone worldwide in real-time voice. The sound is very clear. And there are other toys as well. The basic Trillian is free, but the pro costs only $15.00 U.S.

    Just think, you can say good morning and good night, and everything in between to your love who lives on the other side of the world — or down the street. Such amazing technology. The only problem with it is… jeeze now you have to get cleaned up just to sit in front of your computer? Oh no!


    • Get cleaned up for your loved one when all you’re doing is sitting in front of your computer . . .

      Somebody is going to have to work on that. Perhaps, provide each of us with a “premiuim” Skype service to make us look better.

      Start with a “wallpaper” screen we can choose as a “background.” You know, like the ones used by professional photographers when taking those fancy portraits for you and your kid,

      Next, a blemish remover, or a “hazy” image to prevent someone from seeing the latest zit to emerge at the end of your nose, cheek, chin or forehead. (Too gross for you?) Can you imagine how many actors are complaining about HD — high definition — TV. It’s too real. Actually, it might be too “revealing!”

      Guys can add hair to their chest but just the touch of a button. Want a larger bust size, madam? Just type in “high beams.”

      Think of what this could do to phone sex?

      Wow, JhanaJian, what have you started here? With such an open, albeit, somewhat overactive imagination, you might have hit on something we could make a million dollars off of.

      Or maybe a million laughs, a million memories.
      A million happy cells.


  3. Awesome! Isn’t it? I’ve got family who are clear across the country, and we just discovered Skype during the past year. It’s not *quite* like having them in the same room with you but it’s pretty damned close.

    You’ve captured the excitement of this technology so well Michael!


    • Could you imagine cheating on your girlfriend and getting caught because you didn’t know the Skype you had late last night with the midget Hungarian bald-headed lady was recorded.

      Ouch. Never saw technology in this light before. Or your girlfriend for that matter.

      Wait a minute. She was no Hungarian, was she? Oh yes, a Persian. Or was that Russian? And no midget. Well at least she was bald, wasn’t she. Well, she looked bald in the copy the private eye hired by your new girlfried had provided her.

      Not the same as our current Quikie Mart video recordings that turn out blurry and next to impossible to really “identify” someone in a court of law.

      But, like you said. Pretty Damn close.

      Got that Wolflamp?

      What? You’re not Wolflamp? You’re Wolf”shade?”

      But the Skype operator (computer or microchip) assured me that you were the “lamp” fellow.

      You say you’re going to sue? Copyright infringement? Impersonating a Wolfshade?

      What will technology think up next?


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