JhanaJian Skypes My Wild Imagination

How often do we get inspired by the words of another? A comment? A reply? A post that moves you to go deep within yourself and pull up some heart-felt reaction to another’s idea, image or creation?

That’s where I found myself in not responding immediately to a reply on  an article on “Skype,” the relatively new technology that permits real-time “face-to-face” communications, or at least the web telecast of our faces, over the Internet.

Going back to the comments sometime later — and coming from a more contemplative state of mind — I wanted to express something more creative than the usual nice, mild “thank you.”

Hence, I let my wild imagination fly and responded from Never-Never Land, also known affectionately as the place from the heart.

This exchange is between JhanaJian and Contoveros, (aka michael j contos) about the story Skype opens the world of tomorrow today:

On 03/12/2010 at 06:19   JhanaJian Said:

Yes, that same face-to-face interaction is possible with Trillian (a great full-featured Instant Message software) if you have a webcam. But even without a webcam, you can still talk to anyone worldwide in real-time voice. The sound is very clear. And there are other toys as well. The basic Trillian is free, but the pro costs only $15.00 U.S.

Just think, you can say good morning and good night, and everything in between to your love who lives on the other side of the world — or down the street. Such amazing technology. The only problem with it is… jeeze now you have to get cleaned up just to sit in front of your computer? Oh no!

On 03/19/2010 at 19:34 michael j contos Said:
  • Get cleaned up for your loved one when all you’re doing is sitting in front of your computer . . .

    Somebody is going to have to work on that. Perhaps, provide each of us with a “premiuim” Skype service to make us look better.

    Start with a “wallpaper” screen we can choose as a “background.” You know, like the ones used by professional photographers when taking those fancy portraits for you and your kid.

    Next, a blemish remover, or a “hazy” image “enhancer” to prevent someone from seeing the latest zit to emerge at the end of your nose, cheek, chin or forehead. (Too gross for you?) Can you imagine how many actors are complaining about HD — high definition — TV? It’s too real. Actually, it might be too “revealing!”

    Guys can add hair to their chest with just the touch of a button. Want a larger bust size, madam? Just type in “high beams.”

    Think of what this could do to phone sex? (Or should we say Internet Skype Sex over one of your friendly 900 telephone dialing services. You know, the one the 15-year-old baby-sitter rang up such a bill when not realizing those services she and a friend used actually cost somebody money.)

    Wow, JhanaJian, what have you started here? With such an open, albeit, somewhat overactive imagination, you and I might have hit on something we could make a million dollars from.

    Or maybe a million laughs, a million memories.

  • A million happy cells.

3 comments on “JhanaJian Skypes My Wild Imagination

  1. JhanaJian says:

    ok, michael, you come up with the technology, and we’ll split the millions 50/50. in the meantime, i reserve the right to look like a slob while sitting in front of my computer


  2. kim says:

    This is hilarious! I’ve been thinking about Skype. Could be a tremendous help with long distance communication since I read lips. 🙂


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