Imagine how to ‘copy’ & ‘paste’ a graphic

(How to insert graphics into your Writing)

So, you want to know how to add a “picture” to the story?     

Ok, I think I can help you.     

Let’s say you wanted a graphic to go with, I don’t know, a story on dolphins. (click the hyper-link, but be sure to return shortly after…     


Now that I got your attention, let me explain a little terminology. You just clicked on what computer people call, a “hyper link.” You get it by placing your mouse pointer at the very top of your computer screen, where you see something starting with the letters “http: blah, blah,blah…” By “right clicking” the mouse, you “copy” the entire line. You can then go to story you are writing, place the mouse pointer at the point of entry in the story, “right click” and click on “paste.” A blue or pink line of info should appear in your story. You can edit it and even change a word to suit your purpose, just as long as you stay within the colored area.     

Now for something called “images.”     

Google a term for which you want an “image” or graphic. Hit dolphins and you’ll see several story lines. Go to the upper left hand corner of the page, and look for a line of individual words, one of which will be “image.”     

Images Refresh Story

Click on that word and you’ll be provided lots of pictures and plenty of pages of images to choose from.     

Right click on one that you like. “Copy” it. Go back to your story and “paste” or insert it into the section of your writing you’d like to see it. (I look for a halfway point.)     

The graphic will appear. Go to the upper left hand corner of the graphic. Two symbols will show up. Glide your mouse pointer over it. One click will “kill” or remove the image. The other will allow you to “edit” it.     

You can not enlarge it. Either keep the same size (100%), or reduce it, like I do most all the time. You can also type in a “cut line,” what we in the newspaper business call the “caption” that appears beneath pictures. There’s an art to it. Condensing a message for a picture using the present tense can be fun. Kinda like playing with a catchy headline you hope might interest readers “glancing” at your story and wondering whether to invest time in reading it.     

Make sure you click your “save draft” button on your WordPress site! Preview the story, make adjustments, then strike the magical “Publish” button for the world to see . . .   


Note: Go to a library that has computers. Try experimenting there. A librarian will help you. Be forewarned some libraries have different “keys” to “copy” as well as “paste.”  Thanks to for inspiring this post!

11 comments on “Imagine how to ‘copy’ & ‘paste’ a graphic

  1. Robyn says:

    Thank you, I can’t wait to try it!


    • contoveros says:


      May I call you Robyn? You have stolen a piece of my heart. Pecked it out painlessly and flew away. Back to your sanctuary where I can visit only when prisoners in my world are set free. Free from this illusion some call Reality. But, please return, and bring your sunshine with you. I miss the light of day your flight ushers into my cell. I miss you, and your comforting presence . . .

      michael j


  2. Thanks again, consider yourself hugged 🙂 I’m a bigtime hugger, it’s good for our health…beware or I’ll squeeze the stuffin out of ya!


  3. Yes, yes, you are such a sensitive and perceptive fella. Eventually I did get a photo to post, though not the beautiful one you picked which I think was the best. Not sure how I did it, it was a combo of my phone and computer. I could only get the photo to save on my phone, which I then synced to my computer and got it that way. I’m at ease with the iPhone, but am still figuring out Mac, having been a PC. Also, when I cut and posted the link, it was only writing, no image. Were you talking about just posting a link, as I achieved, or posting the actual image? I only have access to wifi at work, so I always have to wait for a spare minute at the office to get to the nitty-gritty, but I think Mac and I are going to have a long and happy life together, once I get to know him better.


  4. At the beginning you mention a hyperlink. Where does that come from? Do I have to google something, or go to a site first, for the images. Is that what you mean? I’m sorry to be such a dense little newbie.


    • contoveros says:

      At the top of your screen I have the symbol “e” for explorer with a white background. next to it is a bunch of letters, starting with “http// . . .

      When you go to a site, look at the “e” over the white background. Right click the entire line with you mouse and you should see several “commands,” including “Copy.” Left click the word copy.

      Now you have the “hyper link” stored. You can “transport” tha tlink to your story by “right” clicking the point of the mouse somewhere in the written story line, and the word “Paste” will appear. Left click it, and it should appear in your story in a different color.

      Good luck, Maggie B.

      (If it doesn’t work, I’ll come to your place and show you how to do it. You still live somewhere in the USA, don’t you?)

      michael j


  5. Michael thank you, thank you, thank you!! You made it sound so easy, I hope it will be. Do the same instructions apply for both a Mac or a PC? I’m scared 😦 but you’ve given me the tools to start my journey. It would be worth it if I could get that lovely dolphin picture on my post – it’s beautiful! As I said, you do a SPLENDID job each time!! Thanks Michael for making this post on my, and other’s, behalf 🙂 Maggie B


    • contoveros says:

      Gosh. I think I just got hugged. A squeeze type of a hug.

      Let me hug you back. Yeah!

      Now, that’s what I call “Divine.” I felt you all the way from where you are to where I am here in Conshohocken, PA.

      Pleasure to have been of service, ma’am.

      Thanks, Maggie B.

      michael j

      Don’t know about a MAC, but you can try it, and/or ask someone on wordpress. Good luck!


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