angels 6

(Originally Cont’d Oct. 3, 2009, as Angels Part VI, Angels Appear as Earthly Messengers)

But by then, I had my first taste of courtroom advocacy, and man did I become energized! Trial work involved cross-examination, closing arguments and the ability to “argue” in front of a captive audience. Paul Messing, my advocacy instructor, became my next Angel when he directed me into becoming a “litigator,” presenting me with the award of “Barrister”  for the best advocate and providing an “in” for an interview with the Philadelphia Defender Association, which had just be named the best in the country.

“I took it as a sign from God” is how I explained to Chief Defender Ben Lerner on getting a D in Labor Law. “I turned to criminal law, became interested in trial work, and want to do jury trials,” I added. He appreciated my candor, and more importantly, hired me, particularly after I told him how much I wanted to try cases to a jury.

And so I did for the next 20 years, once establishing an informal record of trying 10 jury trials in the span of only nine weeks. Ten jury trials are more than many lawyers try in a lifetime! I was a damn good lawyer and loved  my work. Thank you Angel Paul Messing.

Are angels always celestial beings who seem to appear more readily in books than in person to any individual? I believe they are spirits and do actually exist today as they did in Biblical times. They can occupy time and space. They can influence, but not compel; they can direct, but not force actions.

Perhaps they are more like spiritual guide posts, urging us to do a task or stop an endeavor. We can tune in more to angels, I believe, if we make ourselves accessible to them.

In dreams.

Through meditation.

By providing good will to all and seeking out the company of those that give us  pure, unadulterated, and unconditional love. Or at least those who try to serve others in that capacity.

Angels can manifest when we least expect it, but if we are open to the moment and willing to step onto a untrodden path and not hold on to a false sense of security with our rigid, yet safe-feeling, old way that does little to help us flourish, we can understand our selves better and learn to forgive our own shortcomings and those of the world.

 (See Part VII, at angels 7)

(See Beggining at: Angels Appear as Earthly Messengers)

2 comments on “angels 6

  1. contoveros says:

    What a connection I had with the law. Thanks in large part to Professor James Strazzella!



  2. […] Yet when I took her exam I fell flat on my face. I got a D+. My one and only D in my 3-year law school career. I knew too much to put down so little on her exam. I began to realize then that something was at work beyond my understanding. (See Part VI, at angels 6) […]


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