Angels Appear as Earthly Messengers

(First written as my second Blog entry, I broke the story into several parts. None appeared in their “continued” form. Please accept my mea culpa, and, perhaps, read it as it was first intended, sans corrections, add-ons or any new editing.) — michael j
(This story was created October, 2009, but not published in its entirety until now.)

 It’s just like heaven . . . Being here with you . . . You’re like an Angel . . Too good to be true. When You are near me.  My heart skips a beat.  I can hardly stand on. My own two feet.  Because I Love You; I Love You, I Do.  ‘Angel Baby’. My ‘Angel Baby’. Oh, Ooh, I Love You, Oh, Ooh, I Do . . .  No One Could Love You . . .  Like I Do!                           … Read More

via Contoveros

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