To be or not to be gay and in love again

Deborah loved with a love that was more than a love. Cupid’s arrow struck her just as a choir of angels sang and a special cherub played the most beautiful music in all the land over an ancient lyre, the same instrument that a shepherd boy named David once played to honor the god of the psalms.

She loved Fran with all her heart, her mind, and her soul. And she wanted to shout it out to all the world that there’s was a love that would never end, never grow old, never die. She needn’t say a word, however. Her devotion and adoring demeanor spoke volumes to those of us  meeting the lucky couple for the first time in Philadelphia, my city of brotherly love on Friday night, the summer solstice.

Love shined all around Deborah when she spoke of Fran, and a well-disguised shy girl from within her nearly blushed  as her lover looked deep into her eyes to acknowledge an almost palpable affection. Light from a thousand stars sparkled from their mutual smile, their caressing eyes, their in-tune and synchronized hearts which seemed to beat as one.

Taking her hand, Fran walked along side this beauty of a woman, offering a silent prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving step by step through the long summer night, the longest night of the couple’s young lives. Too soon, they disappeared from view, leaving behind just a memory and an image of what any one of us would give a million dollars to have: the unconditional love of another human being, another man, another woman, even for but one moment of a gay rich life.

Here’s to Deborah and Francesca. Two women in love. True Love among true lovers if you  ever seen in this or any other lifetime!

* * * *

They were a sight to see and to glorify when you need to recall what love could be, and is, all about. The purest emotion God created for His creatures to share with Him and with one another, sans color, creed, national origin or sexual orientation. Love has always been color-blind and gender-neutral for the young and old, the sick and the well, the poor and the not-so-poor; even for a 64-year-old whose soul mate just turns out to be a 21-year-old.

Love has triumphed in our world. It’s exploded into space, signally all the many universes that Planet Earth will allow all love to flourish from whatever source or sex it manifests.

Today, I am Gay. Today, all of us are as Gay as we would like to be or not to be. That is the question the US Supreme court answered in a shout to the entire world that all who love will never be prosecuted or persecuted for whom they choose to fall in love.

I feel elated and so happy for those who have hidden themselves for far too long. We – society – could not see until now that love is not confined to procreation. It can’t be regulated and legalized only to those wearing opposite types of clothes or having genital differences. Love arises in all of God’s children no matter how dissimilar one person might be to you or to me.

Fall in love everyone. Fall for any one you like. Fall in love again with someone you don’t even like but stay together for the sake of the children. It’s legal. It’s holy. It’s fun!

It’s as gay as gay can be; and it’s all free for you to be or not to be.

3 comments on “To be or not to be gay and in love again

  1. Francesca says:

    Michael, email me


  2. Better words could not have been chosen to remind us of this moment …. Thank you !


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