What really goes into publishing your book

Ever wonder what goes into the marketing of a book before it ever hits the book stores or gets on Amazon.com? Well, I never knew until I saw it up close and personal.

I thought you might enjoy some of the steps taken for my second book, “Ithaca Insights,” to be published through CreateSpace. Enjoy! (Note to sharp-eyed readers. I changed the title mid-way through this odyssey.)

(For a look at how the book came about, please see:

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Title: Mystical Insights: An Ithaca Odyssey


This is a brief explanation of the vision and marketing approach the copywriter took to create your Marketing Copy Essentials materials.

In creating your marketing copy, I hook readers with the idea that there is a way to experience the best in life and to truly know the Creator on an intimate level. In the Book Description, I focus on connecting readers to you and your writing (and, as requested, I use a quote from Kirkus Reviews regarding your previous book). In the Back Cover Text, I draw readers in by relating your book’s content to their own lives.

Book Industry Standards and Communications (BISAC) categories are used by the book-selling industry to identify and group books by their subject matter. The BISAC category entered in your CreateSpace account impacts how buyers and sellers locate your title on both Amazon.com and other sales channels.


BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / Mysticism  

The right keywords can help improve your title’s discoverability on Amazon.com. Keywords should be words or phrases that customers are likely to use when either searching for your title specifically, or when shopping for books that may be similar in subject matter. 1. Modern mystic

2. New thought

3. Spiritual self-help

4. Personal transformation

5. Inspirational memoir
* Keywords must be no longer than 25 characters with spaces.

This is your book’s “elevator pitch.” It is a succinct, one-line marketing description that can be used as a hook on marketing materials. Join the journey of a mystic-in-training and experience your own transcendent understanding of God, the universe, and yourself as you learn to embrace the way of unconditional love.
The Book Description displays on your book’s Amazon.com detail page and in your eStore. This Book Description is a marketable synopsis of the main plot lines or key messages in your book. In conjunction with being commercially appealing and written with the main marketable theme in mind, it should also be a clear representation of what your target audience will receive upon purchase of your book. It can include references to comparable books and/or authors, previous book titles, and relevant book reviews or quotes. Are you open to the possibility of all possibilities? Get ready to release your previous views and beliefs, and step into a strangely freeing world that will draw you closer to God and truth than you ever thought possible. In response to Contoveros’s previous book, Francis of Assisi: A Novel Awakening to Lady Poverty, Kirkus Reviews writes, “The story manages to bring together in a satisfying and relatable way the various religions it explores, showing similarities among faiths that have long been supposed to be diametrically opposed.” And now, in a similar vein, the author dexterously walks the line of inclusion yet again with his latest book, Mystical Insights: An Ithaca Odyssey. An inspirational memoir of his own madcap journey of holy discovery that began with a three-day retreat at a Buddhist monastery, Mystical Insights reveals just how intimate a relationship you can enjoy with the Creator when you choose to harness your ego and love all unconditionally. A Vietnam veteran who suffered from PTSD, Contoveros knows how far removed you can feel from life—but that is only part of the story, and it doesn’t have to be the final chapter. Are you ready to choose a new path?
Think of Back Cover Text as your book’s movie trailer. It needs to be succinct and grab a potential reader’s attention right away. This compelling text illustrates the main marketable plot points or themes and has a creative spin unique to the book. If you’ve purchased a cover service, this Back Cover Text will appear on your book’s back cover. Do you ever feel stuck, sensing that there’s more to life than what you presently know? Have you searched through various religions but still haven’t found the answer? Walk with Contoveros as he takes you on a mystical journey that opens your eyes to the realities you’ve been seeking. New understanding can only come when you open yourself up by making room for fresh ideas to root and blossom. To begin you must first lay down all the dogma you’ve carried with you throughout your life. And as you embrace mysticism, you must be willing to be a little foolish, perhaps even a bit mad. But as history reveals, the holy fools are the ones who see the most glorious visions and love with the most marvelous abandon. Are you ready to see God, the world, humanity, and yourself in a dazzling new light?
The Author Biography displays on your book’s Amazon.com detail page and in your eStore. The Author Biography should include information about your background and qualifications, previous works, or personal interests in a polished, professional way. If you’ve purchased an interior service, this Author Biography will appear in your book’s interior. Contoveros is a Vietnam veteran who was drafted and served as an infantry platoon leader. After the war he worked as a newspaper reporter and union organizer until he decided to serve his hometown of Philadelphia as a public defender. He spent twenty years trying hundreds of cases in court, once defending poor young men in a string of ten jury trials in less than nine weeks—before he started suffering from combat-inflicted flashbacks, which eventually forced him to change the course of his life. But in spite of the crippling effects of PTSD, he discovered a spiritual path through meditation and special insight. Now a mystic-in-training, he writes to share his new-found understanding with others, adding Mystical Insights: An Ithaca Odyssey to his earlier book, Francis of Assisi: A Novel Awakening to Lady Poverty.