I’ll be One when I finally let myself ‘let go’

Is “letting go” a feminine trait?

Is it in the same category as “surrender” or “submit” — actions deemed by some son of a bitch to be “unmanly”?

Could I ever be strong enough to let the more tender side of me take over and simply ‘let go”?

We all know how tough it can be to let go of something we’ve been accustomed to all of our lives. You feel like you’re walking off a cliff or jumping out of a plane with no parachute when you consider “letting go.” You’re facing uncertainty, the unknown, the void of a black hole that’s never been explored before. Unexplored by you, that is.

* * *

What if there is no God to catch you in mid-flight? Must one die before being re-born without the ego being in control?

Perhaps that is what letting go is all about. Letting go of the thoughts, the beliefs, and the security, all of which are nothing but illusions the mind creates to keep us under wraps. Don’t be afraid to look for an answer outside of yourself, Michael J.

Your “self.”

You don’t even know what it is, do you? You make up labels and believe your self is what your senses can see, hear, feel, taste or smell. You poor  wretched man. Don’t you know that you’re far greater than the physical plane you exist? You are a spiritual being that can learn to fly, to live, and  to love.


You knew it as a child. You felt it a long, long time ago when you were one with the universe. You knew the divine existed in everything and in everyone, but you forgot it as you reached the age of reason and ate fruit from the tree of knowledge and got expelled from paradise.

By letting go, you can return to that peaceful loving place some call Nirvana. You can sneak back into those holy grounds and hide out with old friends who let their spirits rise above the world below. They’re the like-minded folks you’ve gotten back in touch with just as you saw the light.

They saw your light and beckoned you to join them.

They let go. They fell back in love with the greatest love of their lives.

You can too.

Just close your eyes, feel that warmth, and let it wash over you, permeating every inch of your body, your soul, your true self. Let the lower one go.



Be one again.

2 comments on “I’ll be One when I finally let myself ‘let go’

  1. contoveros says:

    “The Path of Surrender.” I’ll check it out.

    Thank you Grandfatherlysky!


  2. Just read Letting Go : The pathway of surrender by Dr David Hawkins. Excellent culmination of his life’s work


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