Facebook Creativity at my fingertips!

Writing is good for the soul. It forces a person to be silent and go within, an experience most Americans are usually too afraid to do on a regular basis. But I do it regularly. Yeah, I write little responses to people’s posts on Facebook.

I search myself for what I believe is the right response for the moment I am in, and I share it with whoever might read it. For the brief few seconds that I read the post and looked inside for a comment, I entered the world of the Creative Being. Yes, I become an artist, one seeking to dwell deep in that well of authenticity, charm, and every now and then, a little bit of inspiration.

I withdraw from that nectar and slowly return to the surface and “lo and behold,” I have painted on the canvas called a computer t

“Completed,” I say to myself. “Sated,” is another word that comes to mind.

Now, let’s move on to my next Facebook friend who moved me to write. God bless ‘em one and all!

3 comments on “Facebook Creativity at my fingertips!

  1. Jan says:

    Hi Contoveros, I’m not a Facebook kind of Guy. Honestly, Facebook scared me for the 24 hours I put myself there. My mugshot is there and I have an account but I’m happy not to be assaulted by its offensive drivel and the way earthlings could know of my every move. Even if I post a pic of myself, my family can ‘like’ or ‘not like’ it. For instance, even if I didn’t want them to know I was in Jamaica, they would, immediately, if they were logged on. Yikes! I love the way Facebook works for you or how you work Facebook, don’t get me wrong. I am happy for anyone who gets something out of it! Your blogs resonate with me and I’m glad to call you Friend.


  2. contoveros says:

    Wow. I got a little scared after posting this on Facebook. I initially presented a “Like” image from Facebook which was not shown on the Facebook site.

    OK, I thought, I’ll change it to another Facebook images asking people to “friend” me.

    Ditto the action. No image.

    Finally I submitted the story above with no image and Facebook wouldn’t even show my mugshot which they normally do when you don’t have artwork accompanying your story. The story appeared on my “Timeline” but not on the regular site for the public. I was censored and banned from saying something nice about Facebook.

    Have I offended someone? Have I pissed off the powers that be behind the Facebook dynasty? I don’t know, but I plan never to infringe on their copywriter toes anymore.


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