On my knees being grateful every day

I fall to my knees everyday and give thanks for at least three things that I am totally grateful for. I usually include my son and at least one of our cats, but also acknowledge the advent of a new day as well as a nice new warm bed and the person who invented the heater to keep all of us warm. The cats included!

I’m on my knees kind of by accident. You see, I remove clumps of litter from the cat box. It’s in the first floor powder room and situated right next to the commode. It’s a small room and I have to reach way back to get to the box. I found I could do it more efficiently and easier by kneeling.

Kneeling image

Feeling grateful on your knees works anywhere

Since I had already been on my knees in a praying posture, I figured I might as well provide a prayer or supplication. That’s when I began to offer gratitude for so many things I have in life. It soon became a habit and I’ve done it ever since we had the second bathroom installed after the traumatic brain injury my second wife suffered when falling on the steps some 20 feet away.

I like feeling grateful. It makes my day go a little better. I start to believe that I truly do have enough in life. I have enough with what I already have and my wants and desires are a lot fewer than before.

If you ever walk past the powder room when I am kneeling with my hands spread out on the seat of the commode and my eyes shut, you’ll probably think that I am praying to some idol made of porcelain to hold water that flushes away toxic wastes and other negative stuff. You might be right even though I never thought about that until communing with myself right now. Yeah, being grateful everyday can sure help get rid of a lot of the nasty things in life.

It can be quite liberating.

(This is one of three stories I wrote today for a writing group meeting weekly in Collegeville, PA)


3 comments on “On my knees being grateful every day

  1. Thank you! While cleaning 5 cat litter boxes, I just may adopt this time of each day to reflect on what I am grateful for… things like waking up on the right side of the dirt, being able to rise from my knees after cleaning the litter boxes, and so many amazing aspects of my life!


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