Psychic Powers Arise When You Believe!

Psychometry – the art of visualizing an energy force or spirit from a token or an object – really does work.

I recently took part in the practice and discovered insights I never believed possible until I realized I had developed some sort of psychic ability.

It happened on Monday, while meeting in a small group called the Intuition Development Circle.” (See opening myself). Jean, a fellow attorney, suggested we place personal items into a box and pick out one belonging to someone else. Before continuing, let me tell you two things that became relevant later. I had mentioned I recently met an adult woman who was a virgin, and how I lost my virginity at age 17. On a completely different topic, Jean said she could feel her dead mother’s presence. All came into play later.

I grabbed a small vase with golden flakes covering its glass enclosure. “Grandmother,” I said never opening my eyes. “I feel a grandmother here,

A moment later I saw Jennifer’s hands slowly move from her face which by then took on a shocked feature. “It was my grandmother’s” she said, wiping a tear from her eye. “The vase was given to me by nanny!”

In turn, Jennifer held up a small eyeglass case and said they were for the eyes of someone who was not there. She said the person looked through them, “but they could not see.”  Jennifer also noted there was great misunderstanding involved with someone.

The glasses belonged to Jean, our third member, and she was perplexed. “They’re mine,” she pointed out, frowning. Before she could continue, Jean smiled, remembering what she said earlier about her mother’s presence. It was the spirit of her mother coming through the glasses, she realized. Her mother was cautioning Jean about the fall-out she had with her sister.


Psychometry: Psychic Contact with the Spirit!

My personal item next came out of the box. (It was actually a basket covered with a dish towel!) Jean saw a “sun and also a beach.” She held a black leather change purse in her hand,. one I recently found with a key ring hanging out of it’s opening.

Now it was my time to be perplexed. I mentioned how I had planned to visit Greece next year and enjoy what I called the greatest sunsets on the Island of Santorini. I fibbed a little and said I “saw” a beach in a guided meditation three days earlier. At least there was sand in my vision then.

You got to realize something about cosmic time. We expect things to happen immediately. Often, however, it takes longer for psychic actions to arise. They need moments to percolate or to arise through an incubation of sorts.

I tell you this because of what happened after the psychometric attempt. I gifted the groups with silver charms I had recently received. They were ancient charm items. I had brought them from my house to Jennifer’s home on a hunch. I then spread the ten to 12 items out and asked each of us to pick one.

Among the items I picked was a sun. Just like the sun that Jean had seen or felt when she was holding my change purse in her hands while “reading” it.

Now, fast forward two days later. Jean had texted me about a trip she was planning to visit A.R.E., the site created in Virginia to carry on the work started by the famous medium, Edgar Cayce. I wrote back that I would love to join her. She said it was located in Virginia Beach.

Virginia Beach!

There was the beach! Jean had seen things that were about to come true! She saw the sun that I was about to pick from the trinkets and the conversation we would have about Virginia Beach.


On another note, I told Jean I lost my virginity at age 17. I asked her about her age, and before she responded, I said “Seventeen.” She told me I was correct.

For some reason, I asked Jean what was her mother’s birthday. “March Nineteenth” she said.

That is my mother’s birthday too,” I said as shivers appeared up and down my spine.

Psychic powers or just coincidences?

I am a believer that under certain circumstances we can all share in the spirit world and help one another achieve what we could only once dream about.

Sweet dreams my good friend!

2 comments on “Psychic Powers Arise When You Believe!

  1. Hi Michael,
    Just a brief comment. My Dad’s birthday was March 19, 1911. Hope you are doing well.
    Love, Judith. 😊


    • contoveros says:

      Now I know that psychic ability is all around us.

      What a coincidence, or as in the words of Carl G Jung, what a “synchronicity!”

      I am looking forward to the “Transpersonal Breathwork” in Germany this March, Judith.

      My friend, Jennifer (see the Blog post above) knows about your work and was fascinated to hear about my upcoming involvement!

      Michael J


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