Favorite Color Sings Out the ‘Oldies’ to Me

Blue has been my favorite color since I don’t know when. I guess my parents influenced my choice when I was young. I mean, I was a boy. And I was born in in the land of the red, white and blue.

I buy blue shirts and blue jeans. I served in the army and my specially assigned color was what we called “infantry blue.”

Blue was color of my true love’s eyes. (Oops, I think I stole that from someone. I can’t really remember anyone I dated or married that had blue eyes, except for one person.)

Blue is often how I feel. I get the blues. I feel blue. George Carlin made me appreciate really good “blue” jokes.

blue moon

One of my favorite songs of all time is by the Fleetwoods from the late 1950s. It was called “Mr Blue.” I resonated with that through my teenage years and always felt that romance was not in to cards for me, or that my true love was just around the corner

I still have my “dress blues” from the army. The uniform consists of dark blue trousers and a yellow stripe down the sides of the legs. I also have a blue cap to match the suit. I feel blue sometimes when I remember that I weighed only 145 when I last put that outfit over my body.

Another song I liked was Blue Velvet, not by the white guy. Bobby Vinton, — but the black group called The Clovers. It was a blues song that called you to the dance floor to help chase away the blues with the touch of a member of the opposite sex.

The following is other blues that have turned me on over the years. See how many you might recall:

Blue Monday

Bluebird of Happiness

Blue Christmas

Honky Tonk Blues

Blue Bayou

Blueberry Hill

Blue Moon

Blue Skies

Blue Cliffs of Dover

Pretty Blue Eyes

Have You Ever Had The Blues?

Singing the Blues




2 comments on “Favorite Color Sings Out the ‘Oldies’ to Me

  1. Ah yes, Blue Bayou was another good one!


  2. Don’t forget Joni’s ‘Blue’ – Blue songs are like tattoos, you know I’ve been to sea before …


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