Collegeville Opens My Muse For Writing

Collegeville may or may not have been named after a religious school called “Ursinus” in the central part of Montgomery County. .  . Or some long ago seminary school. I really don’t know, but I rode through it when traveling to one of the last outdoor movie theatres, the one located in Limerick, Pa, a drive-in movie just outside of Pottstown.

I don’t think I ever stopped in Collegeville for any length of time as a teenager or as a young man.


But today, I go there often. You see, I hang out with a bunch of hippie wannabes, a bunch of writers who inspire me weekly to write about my misadventures and my mysterious imagination.


Writing helps to “complete” me

They encourage me with their word prompts and their call to action even though the action is nothing more than a pen on paper, a stroke of keys on a lap-top computer keyboard, or the thumbs pressing onto an Iphone.


I love writing. I love to write with this group at the Town Center Book Store & Cafe. They offer me the chance to write once a week and I look forward to each new outing like a kid looks forward to that special gift he’s hoping to find beneath the X-mas tree. I wonder what Sandra has left me? I hope Terri packaged the gift with a big bright bow. What about the last present given to the world by Jan? Or Rae or Allan or Melody or Richard and any number of others who go deep within to find their muse and share their discoveries with the rest of us.

Today, I found nearly 20 gifts beneath the tree. I am enriched and feel like I can face the world with more wisdom, laughter and a wish to provide the same type of love and comfort to the rest of the reading public.

Let me at ‘em WordPress. I’m about the set the world on fire!

I’ll start the blaze right here in good old Collegeville . . .


2 comments on “Collegeville Opens My Muse For Writing

  1. Kind words, Michael. And yes, we are all indeed quite a “package.” See you in Collegeville.


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