Aging is hurting me and my writing skills

Getting old is a real pain in the ass.

It’s a pain in the hip, the shoulder and the lower part of my back, to tell you the truth.

I recently learned that I have arthritis. It’s killing me. Not the knowledge of this aging process, but the actual inflammation of my joints. My back acted up about a decade ago and I sought help from a chiropractor who strapped me to a rack and stretched those parts of me that needed stretching. I felt like that Greek fellow who had friends stay over, but all were given the same size of beds. The short ones like me were stretched to fit the bed, while the taller ones discovered their legs were cut off the next morning.

The aches and the pains have gotten progressively worse since then. And I spent a whole day in misery, afraid the excruciating pain shooting through my right shoulder would never end or loosen up. I couldn’t move the arm  without causing a piercing jolt to my system, forcing me to cry out and call on God to help.



Shoulder hurt so much I wanted to remove it

I stayed home. Something I haven’t done since I was really sick and couldn’t get out of bed until the afternoon hours. Yes, I was sick in my arm and I traced the hurt back to Sunday when I sat on the couch with my laptop computer which I had propped up on the side arm while moving the mouse up and down to read e-mails and stuff on the Facebook entries.

I must have spent several hours there, listening to music and trying to find out what Rolling Stone Magazine had listed as its top 500 Rock & Roll songs of all-time. (I never heard of half of ‘em but learned a lot of what I missed after the year 1975!)


I paid dearly for such an education. Yesterday, all movement caused me discomfort. Even walking was painful because I’d jar my arm with each step I took. I hate to tell you what it was like to try to raise my arm and what hell I went through later that night in removing the shirt from my back. I should have slept in the shirt, I thought,  but I guess I’m a glutton for punishment.

Today (April 4th, 2016), I’m back on the computer writing with my weekly writing group. My laptop is elevated on a table and I hardly use the mouse for anything, save to make spelling corrections.

I never realized that writers could face such a miserable life when getting old. I guess that’s why the blind poet Homer never wrote anything. The Iliad and the Odyssey were oral stories. Stories past down by word of mouth. Even Socrates, my favorite Greek philosopher, never wrote with his hands. His student, Plato, acted as a scribe and provided us in writing all of his mentor’s greatest hits.

Perhaps, I too should give up the pen.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. No keyboard, no mouse and no pain in the hand, the fingers or the arms. I’ll just exercise the mouth. Arthritis hasn’t reached that far yet. The only pain I’d feel is the look of a listener or two who might find my offerings offensive or  be totally disappointed about the suffering I might have put them through.

15 comments on “Aging is hurting me and my writing skills

  1. Have you tried hot baths with Epsom Salts and Baking Soda? Always soothes my lower back. Lifted too many VW short blocks as a kid. You might look into Reiki or ECT too. Energetic healing is wonderful, because you feel it working. Drugs are a last resort, they can work, but they have consequences! Be well, and be whole !


  2. Nono Sophia says:

    As a young invalid I’m trying dictation software. I can’t write or type now. Best healing and mercurial gifts to you.


  3. I have a book for you on Dissolving Pain I will bring it in on Tuesday. I don’t have pain issues but I’ve used open focus for dissolving anxiety. With practice, it works.


  4. Getting old sucks. I know nothing is more annoying than someone telling you to meditate to help relieve the pain (along with other therapies of course), but I’m afraid I must be the annoying one here. You know the tools to use to get through it, Michael J. Use them, but allow yourself to be pissed off too. It’s still compassion. I can’t ever imagine you not putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. There’s too much in there that the world deserves to hear. And remember, the body is not eternally youthful, but the spirit is. Hug yourself.


  5. wolfshades says:

    I feel you, brother. Getting damned tired of walking into my doctor’s office about something new, only to have her turn and look at me with a level look, and hear her tell me “yeah. That happens.”

    Can’t stub a toe anymore without it turning into a medical event.


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