Kyrgyzstan now views the Contoveros site!

In recent days I received a visit from Kyrgyzstan at this site called Contoveros.

Kyrgyzstan is a small Asian country that revolted in 1910 against the Russian government and then was taken over by the former USSR until reacquiring its independence in 1999.


I would not have known anything about it except that I have on my Blog a “flag-counter.” It registers and counts whenever a new visitor stops by, and includes not only the flag of a new nation, but the history of that area as well.

The devise is attached to the front of the Contoveros site. All you need do is to click on the main headline above, “Contoveros,” and you’ll be directed to the main page. Click on the map and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Kyrgyzstan 2.png

Welcome to the Land of Contoveros

I never heard of the country, but then again, I bet many of them never heard of Philadelphia or a place many here used to call “Penn’s Woods.” That’s the name that folks some 300 years ago referred to this mid-Atlantic state as Pennsylvania.

I’m glad to have checked out Kyrgyzstan. You can learn a lot by reading you own Blog somedays.

Michael J

4 comments on “Kyrgyzstan now views the Contoveros site!

  1. I noticed the flags. Such a cool thing to do. Michael J goes global!


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