Happiness never found in ‘wanting’ more

I want to stop wanting!

All my life I’ve been brainwashed into wanting something. Now I want it to stop. Do you hear me, old Wizard of the Universe? Stop . . . my . . . wanting. Stop Me!

Oh, there were lots of good wants in my life, like getting good grades, avoiding bullies and/or a teacher’s wrath, and experiencing that first kiss you always dreamed about.

Wants helped me achieve things. Becoming an officer in the army, getting a degree from community college and passing the bar exam after a grueling three years of intense studies in law school.

But there were too many bad wants. Like how I just couldn’t live without cool looking clothes that others would admire me in . . . Finding the perfect romantic relationship that I knew would make me whole . . .  and locating that dream house where me and my loved one would remain secure and happy ever after.



Stop being a slave to all those desires that never lead to true happiness


Now there’s nothing wrong with any of those things. We all share them at some point in our lives. But there comes a time when you believe you can’t find happiness unless you get what you wanted.

As soon as you get it, however, you start to want something else, or within a short period of time, you want a new one of one of the things you recently got.

A new job.

A new house.

A new lover.

Somehow with all the wants I seemed to get, I never truly felt satisfied. There always seemed that something was missing. Something important, something — I don’t know — “life-sustaining.”

I became a slave to my wanting, my grasping for something more, something bigger, something more luxurious.

Now I want to stop all of those desires. I want to detach myself from the great importance I’ve come to place on them. I don’t want them to be my gods anymore. I won’t worship ’em like before. I want peace with what I already have and to be secure enough to know, I mean really know, that what I got is good enough.

You got what I want, Oh Great and Wonderful Wizard of Oz?

7 comments on “Happiness never found in ‘wanting’ more

  1. Got some great belly laughs out of that. Hysterical! Thanks for sharing with us, Cassandra.


  2. Ah ha! Attachment. We all suffer from it. I’m getting better though, little by little. After all, it’s all just “stuff.”


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