‘Instigator’ muse helps to open new worlds

Can someone become the “muse” of another?

Could my reckless and often unabashed “agitation” be the instigation for another person to find the voice she needed to speak directly from her soul?

I like to think so. I believe I might have sparked a keg of memories that were waiting for the right moment and touch to manifest and explode for the world to finally see.


I feel that some sort of angel – a devilish one if one exists – had taken over my body and used me to stir things up with an old high school friend who took pen to paper to write about something she has been destined to write about.

writer's muse picture.jpg

Awaken the story-teller inside of you and me

There was a connection I felt when listening to her tell her tale. It touched something inside of me that was eternal. Yes, I resonated with her story and couldn’t help but want to hear more as she shared the innermost secrets of her connection with her son.

Later, I wanted to write what little I remembered from our contact. But something prevented me. Something just didn’t seem right when I tried to remember the details. I gave up the thought of blogging about it days after our face-to-face mingling.

And then I learned that she wrote one page about her mystical experience . . . and then another and . . .  well, words poured out from the rich well she must have kept gestating within.

She couldn’t stop writing for the life of her. she eventually told me. She felt compelled as I remember feeling on rare occasions when something inside forced me to share a thought or two with another. Her story originated from that pool of unconditional love we all have experienced through the mother-child connection.


And I believe that only a mother could write it the way that TEA wrote it — and is still writing  — straight from the heart in one long sweeping paragraph!

Thank you oh great and Divine Master for making me an instrument of your peace and allowing me to become the tiny little twitch another needed in her life to write from the heart. I am grateful to be of service!

3 comments on “‘Instigator’ muse helps to open new worlds

  1. contoveros says:

    Only someone like you could have caught such a slip of the tongue.

    Or was it a Freudian slip?


    “Keep on twitching” is what someone once told me at a writers group in Collegeville, Pennsylvania of the USA.


  2. sam davies says:

    Hey, MJ, I like that you refer to yourself as a “tiny little twitch.” That’s why I love you!


    • contoveros says:

      Only someone like you could have caught such a slip of the tongue.

      Or should I say Freudian slip?


      Oh well. “Keep on twitching” is what a writer friend of mine once said at a group meeting in Collegeville, Pennsylvania of the USA.


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