Creativity flows from a true act of defiance

When the Good Lord created the universe He created order out of chaos. He instilled Free Will in earthlings, something he withheld from the angels of whom He created first.

It was those of us who broke from the order of things to bring a different view of what exists around us. We changed the order of things through our art, our poetry, our music.

Yes, by using our free will, we allowed others a glimpse of what existed outside of our five senses. We enhanced those senses and brought the feelings of love and enchantment, bucking the system with a mysticism that all have the ability to achieve once they look beyond their tiny selves and share their creativity.

act of defiance.jpeg

Open yourself to a new way of viewing  life and you become your own  creation

You must defy your orderliness in order to allow your true light to shine. Creativity exposes the Truth we all can see, hear or feel once we touch the Source, the goodness we were born with.

Act out now, my friends. And you too can touch the stars beyond the reach of our material world. Go for it now!

(Prompt suggested by the Creators of Just Write in collegeville, PA)


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