Freedom arises as my ego desires dissipate

I am free. For once in my life, I can say to the Universe that I am a free man and will always be free as long as I remember not to put on the shackles that tie me to this material world.

Yes, I have had the chance at freedom all of my life, but I stupidly clung to so many things I thought would bring me happiness. All I needed to do, I realize now, was to go within and find true happiness by letting go of all the things I believed were so important to me before.

This “awakening” manifested while I was opening my laptop computer and saw an image of the sun shining into a cell room from outside of prison. I was in that tiny little world of stone and concrete. I looked out from the cot attached to the prison wall and I sensed that freedom was just outside of that place.



Then it hit me. I could be contained within a cell in the depths of the earth in some far off country feeding on nothing but  bread and water but still feel free. It all depends on the mind. Yes, it depends on the “control” of the mind. The ability to halt any and all negative thoughts as soon as they arise.

Hell, I don’t know where most of my thoughts come from . . . Do you?

At least, that is what I learned about my thoughts n my studies of Buddhism. I also learned in second grade that the true Kingdom of God was within. But you can’t think about it, you can’t read about if from a book. You just gotta “feel” it like, you were able to do and still can do when being child-like and as pure as you were as you were back in the tender years of your life.

Anyone could find freedom and the Kingdom of God by simply easing into the stillness, the silence that exists for us wherever we go whenever we want to go their.

Freedom of thoughts and desires with a compassionate love for all sentient beings outside of oneself is the ticket to Nirvana. I can reach paradise by simply halting my ego’s grasp on my “mind-made-up world” that’s really just an illusion and simply “be.”

Yes, be in the freedom of the present moment. Right now.


Right as I type these letters making up these words on this make-believe page in front of me. Right now from my home in Conshohocken, PA, I sip my coffee and recall a wonderful song bird who had greeted me with his chirping as I fed his flock outside the house.

Heaven on Earth. The Pure land for the pure of heart without the thoughts and desires of the United States, the European Union, or the USSR. They’re all made up really. They are labels we give to guide us in our waking hours to keep our minds busy and on track to what we believe are the important things in life.

Today, people of all lands and all religious beliefs can find their freedom by simply foregoing their small selves and tapping into that free self, the true self inside.


7 comments on “Freedom arises as my ego desires dissipate

  1. contoveros says:

    Below are a few comments that Facebook received for this Post:

    Janet Mather
    A wonderful true story in a book about incredible Christian Science healings includes one about a woman who so deeply suddenly understood her freedom as a spiritual being that she walked out of a WWII concentration camp, through the main gate, in broad daylight, and not a guard dog barked, no one evidently even was aware of her. I regularly am reminded by my guides that peace and freedom and all those good things are an inside job.

    Michael J Contos
    “Inside job.”

    I love it!

    Terri Kiral
    “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” Janis Joplan

    Michael J Contos
    That’s my all-time favorite saying from Janis! Thanks .
    ————– . .

    Jason Zaczyk
    We live in a time/technology that constantly reminds us that we “can’t get away” with living out our true ideals. It is in the defiance we struggle. The ropes to freedom bind us as we wiggle them loose from time to time, enough to be comfortable. The suggestion of this read is to not lose faith in being rightfully who we are without apologies or explanation. To love & embrace all the whispers of our soul whether of dark inheritance or shimmering light…Freedom is letting go of all things that we were taught & redefine our expression to fit a more authentic you … Really sweet thinking to deeply ponder. TZ

    Michael J Contos

    “Freedom is letting go of all things that we were taught & redefine our expression to fit a more authentic you …”

    This deserves repeating!
    Michael J

    Terri Kiral
    It is only our thoughts, and our thoughts alone, that bind us and keep us from our innate freedom. It is only our thoughts that imprison us. I believe Michael sees this when realizing he can be “free” regardless of the external circumstance. Letting go of attachments – whether emotions, objects, or thoughts – that is key. Going deeper, we realize that there really is no “self” to set free in the first place.

    Michael J Contos
    Yes, a thousand times yes. Too often, however, I get caught up in those activities and I must remember my Buddha Nature to calm down.

    Jason Zaczyk
    I find myself going back to default setting when I let external forces command my attention to long. It is a struggle day to day, but I am thankful I never seem to get overthrown. I must be finally winning a battle somewhere in my soul. I Hope it will be a plus in the next life. (smile)

    Michael J Contos
    It is a battle but it helps to have buddies in the foxhole with you that would gladly give their lives for you to continue with the fight!

    Jason Zaczyk
    Your words are gallant… I truly believe love is the answer to everything & loyalty is the cement. Walk on sunshine my friend. TZ


  2. There was a great TV show on a few years back called “Life”. The protagonist was a detective wrongly accused of murder who got put away for life. His conviction is overturned after a few years, and we find they he found Zen while inside, and it has set him free. It’s truly said ” Man is free, but everywhere he is in chains”


  3. Rebecca Goff says:

    THis is a great reminder Michael, especially as the obsession over Donald Trump is roaring out of control. Too many, and I as well, have given this poor soul too much space in our heads, and yet, the struggle to be aware of darkness and the possibilities it can bring, is compelling if we truly care. Your words here are opening the mind to possibilities of real freedom, which can be achieved even in the face of adversity. You are achieving Buddhahood, and I am grateful to be on this path with you!
    P.s. Still, I simply must watch the circus tonight!
    Blessings, and Love


  4. Buddha nature at its best.


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