Grateful for an Act of Gratitude Each Day

Each day I get down on my knees and tell the Universe how grateful I am for at least three things in my life.

You see, I started this practice when my wife had a traumatic brain injury and we built a powder room on the first floor so that would not have to climb the steps to go to the rest room. I placed a litter box in a space right next to the commode. Anyone with a cat or two know you have to remove the clumps on a daily basis and so I got into the habit of kneeling in the confined space and removing the stuff.


I was studying the Sufi at that time. The Sufi are a sect of Islam and I would offer a prayer in the language they taught me. Judaism, Christianity as well as Islam all trace their roots to Abraham, the father of the three religions believing in a single God. (They might have different names, but the Source is the same.)

Soon, I extended that prayer to a gratitude practice where I come up with three things to be grateful for. I look forward to entering the room and practicing this chore. I feel humbled and blessed because I always feel better when I rise to meet the new day. There’s something about being grateful that makes you feel really grateful.

I haven’t had an ungrateful day since.

4 comments on “Grateful for an Act of Gratitude Each Day

  1. Your continuous appreciation shows, Michael. Or, better said, one can feel it emanate from you. You’re a special soul.


  2. I so relate to this post! I am grateful that you posted it, as well as the ones I read weekly. You are a wise man and a sweet teacher, unafraid to show his warts so that we may all learn. Happy new year, Michael!!!…Oh, thank you for subscribing to my blog 🙂


    • contoveros says:

      I feel as if I have known you forever, Lydia. We must have known each other in a previous life time. We were meant to bump into each other again and I am grateful my karma worked out for such a reunion!

      Michael J

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