Joy often found in the direst situations

A steady drip from the faucet of my kitchen made my day today as I shouted “Alleluyah” during one of the worst snow storms of my entire life.

You see, the pipes had frozen News Year Day in the Year 2018. I called a plumber who advised me to set a space heater pointed at the open doors beneath the sink. He turned the faucet on ever so slightly and said there was nothing more we could do until a there was some sort of thawing.

We’re living through a “bomb cyclone,” a weather pattern that I had never heard of until temperatures in the Philadelphia area dipped to 7 degrees and remained below the 20-degree range for several days. The pizza place two blocks away here in Conshohocken closed when its pipes froze and I heard so many more stories of pipes bursting after such a deep freeze.

The plumber said our pipes might also burst. Hell, the house is some 150 years old. It was the only one the block at one time. There are remnants of an old pot-belly stove in our dining room and I had to fill in what was once a well on the patio just outside of the house.

Things looked bleak and I started to prepare for the worst, wondering how much the storm would eventually destroy my happiness and my peace of mind.


And so it was with much joy this morning when I saw a slight drip warming some unwashed dishes in the sink. I yelled, skipped out of the room and called my son waking him to share the happy moment.

Moments later I called him back after learning the Colonial School District had ordered all schools closed because of a snow day. My son’s five-year-old and seven-year-old dashed out of the house and ran up the backyard steps, playing in the clean fluffy snow, tramping in much of it on their boots as they made their way back into the house.

What a day!

What a storm!

What a life!

7 comments on “Joy often found in the direst situations

  1. How scary! If your pipes burst, what does that mean? And can they ever prevent this from happening? The moments of your grand kids… priceless! Frozen pipes are an inconvenience. Grand kids skipping along: priceless! Happy sweet New Year my friend. And please, stay warm. xo.

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    • contoveros says:

      It’s hard to stay warm when it is one degree below zero outside. But with warm wishes like your, I’ll easily catch fire!

      I can’t over the fact that my cousin in New York City also had the pipes freeze up. It must be the Greek blood running through our veins. It ain’t used to the cold.

      Happy New year to you too!

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  2. contoveros says:

    The following messages were relayed through a Facebook account:

    Howard Brown
    Some of my best friends were drips
    Drips from a keg of beer opened on Brewerytown streets would make good friends everywhere!

    Patty Kline Capaldo
    So happy you averted disaster and shared your joy.
    I guess good things do happen for those who can wait things out! Thanks!

    Howard Brown
    Hope the White House leaks continue
    They should get the same plumber Nixon used.

    Sheila Zawediuk
    Thank you so very much for sharing 😀 this little story lifted my heart 💞
    Great to see and hear from you! Thanks from the bottom of my heart . . .

    Sharon Hajj
    Great post, Michael. It’s the little things that bring so much joy. Although water doesn’t seem to be such a small thing in moments like that. 💛
    Yes, it’s the little things that bring so much joy after such a stormy outlook!

    Calliope Contoveros
    Must be a cousin thing. Exact same day, my pipes froze upstairs bathroom, exterior wall due to Arctic temps, wind chills (here in New York City). The pipes thawed after 6 hours, thankfully no pipes bursting.
    I am not a winter girl and I’m keeping faucets dripping last 3 days after pipes froze and will continue till freeze passes. Praying no bursting leaks, floods, etc. home ownership, this old house, ugh.
    Oh no!

    I’m glad the pipes thawed. Keep the room warm and let the faucet open just a little… Glad to hear the good news and can’t wait for this winter to end.

    Calliope Contoveros
    Me too . . . we have Aegean blood in our veins, we are allergic to the Arctic…
    Aegean blood in our veins and Ouzo in our heart of hearts!!!
    Calliope Contoveros
    Yes, yes, yes. I will drink to that !!!

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  3. I can see your smile from here, Michael J. There’s nothing like being in the moment.

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  4. sam davies says:

    I so thoroughly enjoy your storytelling, MJ!

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