Grandkids can open you to new worlds!

“It’s snowing!” Phoenyx happily announced to the household as the nine-year-old made her way up to the third floor at 6:58 am this morning.

You couldn’t help but feel the warm smile arising from the child inside upon seeing the first snow fall when you were her age. It’s a moment of magic when the world outside captures your undivided attention with the possibilities of fun and joy. It doesn’t matter if it will lay or create enough white stuff to build a snow man or spread your arms on the ground to make angels in the fluffy material. You can always catch a few snow flakes as Chance, Phoenyx’s seven year old brother did when he extended his head out the back door while in his stocking feet and stuck his tongue out.

Grandkids. You gotta love ‘em. They help to keep you young and to remember how each day offers something new and vibrant if you just open your heart and mind to ‘em.

Like little Jameson. The mischievous two and a half-year-old who is always getting into trouble, grabbing and temporarily losing car keys left on the table or pounding on the computer keyboard when you step away from your browsing or writing activity. How he points a gun through the side of a bathroom door when you’re brushing your teeth and tries to shoot you. Or better yet, when he plays dead by falling on the living room rug, closes his eyes and does a great imitation of John Wayne falling on the hills of Iwo Jima or some other war movie or cops and robber show.

Let’s not forget how a grandparent can be so helpful and be so soothing when a three-month old like Denalia starts to cry and the “nuk” or pacifier you place in her mouth can’t calm her but her grabbing your thumbs with her tiny little hands seems to always work. I can’t help but see little Maggie from the “Simpsons” when I see her in her little bassinet.
Yeah, grandkids can do a lot for you as you get a little older.

Each one of ‘em can add to one’s life whether they live with you day after day or only get to visit you on special occasions. They are a true blessing and can show you how much hope there is for not only your own future, but for all of man and womankind.

3 comments on “Grandkids can open you to new worlds!

  1. inhiscare753 says:

    Wow…you have a beautiful family. Your grand children are adorable. You could fill the excitement as your Grand-Daughter announced the first snow. Children definitely have a way of opening you up to new things and rekindling old memories. Making life brighter as see through their eyes. 😊⛄️💜❄️


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