Some creep hacked into my Internet ID!

I got hacked.


Some sombitch broke into my Internet connection and must have sent dozens of messages to who knows how many people I have gotten to know through Facebook and possibly Messenger.

I awoke to this criminal tresppass early this morning by glancing at my I-phone at 4 am just to see if a new president had been announced. I saw six contacts from people I used to work with at the Defender Association of Philadelphia. They all told me I was hacked.

Prior to that, I had got messages through Messenger asking if I had sent the receivers a video of some sorts. I tried to open the video displayed but it was to no avail. Among the contacts was the spouse of a fellow I served with in the Vietnam War and my old union boss for whom I worked as an organizer for The Newspaper Guild.

I felt violated, intruded upon and kicked in the gut.

This had happened before but I didn’t have some many friends and associates contact me as a result of this invasion. It hurt man. Really hurt.

I changed my Facebook password after being unable to log in yesterday. A week earlier, I was informed by a representative of McAfeeTotal Security that hundreds of my computer thingamajings were either closed or damaged somehow. I had them sweep my computer to repair the damage. The hacking must have occurred as a result of the culprit’s actions.

Feeling violated and intruded upon when some creep hacks you!

My old laptop computer had stopped working last week. I then turned to a refurbished one I had gotten more than a year earlier when the glass on my old laptop got cracked. A heavy object fell onto it from the back seat of my car when I was driving to a writer’s workshop. But I continued to work with the cracked glass until it completely died last week.

Perhaps the refurbished laptop computer already had some junk in it. I wouldn’t know because I am not tech savvy.

In any case, I want to apolgize to anyone who got any hacked messages from me. You can still send me any money if the hacker requested it and you would like to help out this aging disabled veteran who had to overcome being a laballed a hack writer . . .

Just don’t expect any replies or “likes” on your Facebook submission.

9 comments on “Some creep hacked into my Internet ID!

  1. It’s sad that there are people out there who are so malicious and who have such a wealth of time on their hands!

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    • contoveros says:

      Yeah, they get a kick out of another person‘a pain and misfortune.

      But like the Beatles once said “we’ll get by with a little help from our friends.”


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  2. wolfshades says:

    Wow. Someone went to a *lot* of trouble to support Trump. I’d say unbelievable except we’re seeing much worse these days.

    One thing you wrote caught my eye: “A week earlier, I was informed by a representative of McAfeeTotal Security that hundreds of my computer thingamajings were either closed or damaged somehow.”

    May I ask – how did McAfeeTotal Security contact you? If the software itself warned you that’s one thing. If it’s an email from McAfee or something else, I would suggest that is suspicious, and may have been the hacker himself.

    Anyway, sorry you got hacked. It really sucks. : (

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    • contoveros says:

      Good to hear from you Wolfshades .I had contacted McAfee myself because their logo or link was not appearing on the refurbished laptop that started to use when the old one died on me. That’s when they did a scan and determined all the bad stuff that had been done and they fixed it. I got a new logo for my desktop so that I can perform a “deep scan”every few weeks to insure there are no viruses and other gremlin like critters nesting inside somewhere.

      I changed my Facebook password but notice today that a friend had contacted me after getting a hacked message on Messenger. I hope it was an old one and not a continuing one.

      Most people I know would not believe that I would post something in favor of Trump .I don’t know what the message was, but I hope it all ends with the announcement of my fellow Pennsylvania native — Joe Biden — as president down here below your Canada estate.


      • wolfshades says:

        Oh well that’s a relief.

        I frankly don’t think FB tries hard enough to prevent stuff like this. I mean users are not their priority obviously, whereas advertisers are. The amount of effort and will to prevent stuff like this must be pretty low on their list of stuff to worry about. I’m about |– this –| close to turfing my account.

        Anyway, I hope that’s the end of your troubles now. Guess you’ll see soon.

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        • contoveros says:

          Well, so far so good. I haven’t had anyone contact me since the outbreak of messages a few days ago. I noticed that one fellow — a veteran with whom I mediated with — also got hacked and I’m wondering if it had something to do with the link that he got from the A-hole who hacked me.

          I agree with you about Facebook. There should be more regulations been though I am reluctant to infringe upon freedom of speech. There’s has to be a better way to insure we are all safe when using the social medium.

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  3. Wow! I am truly sorry that this happened to you!! 😦

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    • contoveros says:

      Me too. I feel like there was a home invasion and I don’t know what is missing or what damage has been done to the dwelling. No one should ever have to go through with this.

      The hacker probably read some of my posts about protesting and how veterans would not support Trump after he called us suckers and those killed in combat as “losers.” I sand by my actions and if this is the price I have to pay, well “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

      Don’t quote me on that because I think I just plagerized some one. Oh yeah. That was offered by the spy that was killed by the British during the Revolutionary War!


  4. contoveros says:

    The following comments on Facebook from seveal people I used to work with on Facebook tipped me off that I was hacked:

    Kevin Birley‎ ·

    I think you got hacked. Getting weird messages on messenger.

    Victor Rauch
    Me too

    Beth Zielenbach Haggmark
    Me three

    Thomas Ivory
    Change your password, that often stops it.

    Mercedes CM Me 4

    Xavier Voci
    Yep. Me five. I got a pro trump video from Contos.

    Mingo Stroeber
    I got one from Contos too. Could tell it was fake Didn’t open it.

    Kim Kizer


    Since then, I was contacted by a fellow from my old neighborhood in Brewerytown. It felt good reading it:

    Howard Brown
    We know which are truly your comments and those that are fake.

    Michael J Contos I plead guilty!

    Howard Brown
    Keep up the good work.

    Michael J Contos

    Thanks good buddy!


    I also got some 20 contacts from people on Messenger but I could not figure out how to copy and paste ’em here. They all mention some video which I have since determined was in support of Trump.

    I am truly sorry for the any messages that might have defiled people with such crapola.

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