Music (mantra) melts the mind madness

 When I want to (need to?) quiet the chatter inside of me, I play a little music in my head — sort of like a mantra — that  becomes a lullaby for the Mind. 

By tapping into that feeling of love produced by the song, I am able to slowly spread that comforting feeling throughout my body (sometimes to the more tense sections like the shoulders, neck and back). 

As my body relaxes, so does my Mind, and the Love soothingly helps my Mind take a ”cat nap.” 

I become Free to become “Nothing,” that is, go to that place within similar to what some may call Nirvana. 

Try it yourself. 

No, not with any of my songs or mantras, but with one of your own favorite tunes, your connection to that love inside. 

You can choose a romantic type love, if it helps. 

Make God  — or SomeOne you want to envision as close to the “Spirit” —  be  both the Subject and the Object of the song. 

See if that “monkey-mind” comes to a rest for you next time you try to relax.

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