Meditation Aimed at PTSD Veterans

I’m off to the Omega Institute where I will take part in a workshop on PTSD for Veterans while also exposing myself to meditation techniques that will open me more to the “untrodden path.”

Is it the “Road Less Taken?”

I like to think so.

I also remember purchasing a collection of works by Robert Frost, which included that poem, right after learning that it was one of JFK’s favorite books. I read many passages from it before entering the army. Don’t know what became of it. I can access my favorite lines over the ‘Net, but it would sure be nice to see that tattered old book again.

No. Maybe not.

Who needs the attachment?

Isn’t that what our Journey within ourselves’ all about?

Finding “Detachment   .   .   . ” 

.   .   .  .   .  And a lot of Love!


See you in a Post later.

michael j contos, aka, Contoveros

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