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Thank You for Opening your Eyes With Your Own Mind

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Boy did you open my eyes!

 I went to the category on “healing” and came up with your post. Never thought much of healing the mind and spirit while focusing on the body, but I guess you’re right.

Can one be spiritual and sensual at the same time?

Yes, you can be spiritual. Yes, you can be sensual. But does one trump the other? Is it a conditional thing? In other words, can “Agape” love, the love of each other through a Divine-type connection, continue in the face of a rich, smooth, sensual smile, a kiss, a slight caress?

Both are born from the same well of goodness, aren’t they?

Oh well. Back to some other category to meditate on.

Thanks for an invigorating post. Look forward to more views of your gorgeous Blog!
— Michael J

(Comment to a photographer’s look at healing & sexuality)

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