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You got it!
As well as a great talent to mine your deep reserves and present them in a way that encourages others while also instructing us, not to mention self-medicating with the soft touches of someone who puts love around the events to give them space.
I have anger issues. Flashbacks occur when I least expect, but usually only during a stressful situations (or when the Phillies put Brad Lidge out to pitch the ninth inning). No kidding. I actually stopped watching baseball games because of my reactions.
I meditate, and now — over the past 3 weeks [since Sept 24, 2009]– I also write a post, feeling inspired to make a comment when I read something as moving as your story.
We need your voice.
I like your voice. (I may even steal some ideas from you voice, but don’t tell anyone I said that. Got a reputation to uphold, your know).
—  Thanks, Michael J

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Flashbacks are a pain in the everything- the mind, the heart- everything.
I rarely have anger, at least outwardly and obviously directed at people but since the PTSD has started coming out as badly as it has I’ve found myself on the verge of screaming at people when I get into really stressful situations.
I’m sorry to hear that via the baseball. I had to stop watching one of my fave television shows for the same reason. I just get so into it and then I freak out when something dramatic happens.
 Then afterwords I feel so silly after having freaked out the way I did but I just can’t help it. It seems to unfair that on top of having all this stuff effect us after it happens and we’re in safe and better places we have to literally avoid perfectly normal things because of stuff like this.
Thank you very much. I’m going to have stop by your blog very soon and leave a couple of comments myself.
Oh, and steal away. 😉 I live to inspire so be it it gives me more to read eventually. 🙂
Peace and once again- thank you for the great comments regarding PTSD. It made my day in more ways than you know (or maybe you do) to be reminded I’m not the only one.
(Comment generated after reading young woman's struggle with PTSD on Oct. 17, 2009)

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