Hope Floats On Bubbling Spa Waters

Close your eyes, and you might see.

See the weightlessness that your body becomes as you float on the waters of the spa.

You don’t need to look — your body and all the tentacles of touch from head to foot telegraph in vivid detail what it is like to totally submerge in a whirlpool pulsating with gushes of water spraying continuously as you simply surrender to the motions surrounding you.

Surrender to the mini waves of water that gently push your floating legs lower and lower as you let out your breath, then higher and higher as you let air seep into your lungs, expanding your chest and pulling the lower extremities toward the top. You “play dead.” Roll with each ripple of water gliding beneath you and above you, never announcing in  which direction you will be ever so gently tossed next.

Keep those eyes closed! You don’t need to look. There is no one in the pool except you .  .  .  no one in the LA Fitness building   .  .  .   no one in the world but you and this liquid moment that calls out to you from some primordial past, a collective unconscious memory perhaps, of when we all maneuvered better in the water .  .  .   before there was land   .   .   .    before we grew feet   .   .   .   before we crawled out of our water world.

Smile! You are floating as you count to 20. Slow counts, not ones speeded up for you to leave this lovely existence before its proper time. Timeless efforts are needed now. Slow down the pace. You are one in the water, one in the wave. One with Your Self.

Holding on the concrete ledge behind your head, you stretch out your body, extending the legs further and further until you are buoyant on the surface of the water and you slowly open your eyes to see the white bubbling of the waves cresting against each other, mixing with the quick under current of hidden pipes forcing a rush of water to massage that bad back, the tense shoulder-blade, the kink in the neck.

Hot water comforts you now, not like the first time the spa greeted you with what felt was near scolding, high water temperatures that almost made you wince until you settled down into the heated caldron-like pool and gave your bottom up like a red lobster. You are to be served in this water. You are to be pampered. You are to be melded into the oneness that exists inside and outside of your conscious mind.

I only hope that the other parts of life could be as comforting and serene as this spiritual cleansing I feel whenever I visit the spa  here.

Such bliss can be found at your neighborhood fitness center, once you float your cares away and drink in that moment.

Be in the moment.

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