Contoveros’ Nysiros photographs well


First photos from Greece appeared on my blog today. They were photographed from the Aegean Sea port off the tiny volcano island of Nysiros, which boasts all of four small fishing villages.

Wow. Ain’t technology great?

I did not think I could do this with my lack of experience in this new medium. I gotta keep at this to share a little of my trip of a lifetime to visit my father’s homeland and the seat of western civilization. I wonder what type of Eastern thought influenced Hellenic Greece? How much learning from the spiritual masters made its way across the Muslim world to Westerners?

Alexander the Great helped to spread our ways. Don’t you think “their” ways had to influence us, even through a little osmosis?

I would like to think so. And if I say it is so, then “it is so.”

After all, this is my blog, my reality, my niche on which to meditate. Who cares what illusions someone wants to impose from outside. I’ll stay within, where the light shines on Nysiros, Greece in the summer of 2008.


4 comments on “Contoveros’ Nysiros photographs well

  1. Patsy Aaron says:

    Oh my goodness, you have been to Greece. One of the places I have dreams about and was trying to get up a trip with several (10) of my girl friends for next September 2010. What is the weather like then and if our plans pan out where do you suggest we start?


    • contoveros says:


      September sounds like a great month to visit Greece. I would suggest you go to Athens first. See the Acropolis. Stand in front of the Parthenon and imagine what it must have been like as Plato, Socrates and the wise men of old discussed philosophy, ethics, politics as well as love, the gods and the meaning of life.

      I went to the island of Santorini, which some say is Atlantis. You would not be disappointed in choosing it to visit.

      My final destination was Nysiros, my father’s island. We passed through Rhodes on the way back and drank Oozo in an airport terminal. Great fun!

      Keep me posted on 2010!

      Michael J, AARP friend


  2. The third picture in the post was especially striking, Michael: a hint of human invention in the lower right with a backdrop of timelessness. I agree that we owe much to the ancient Greeks. While Greek ideas are the bedrock of western thinking, there is no question that East and west co-mingled in varieties of ways and schools of thought. Wittgenstein said: “All is a footnote to Plato.” Of that, I am certain!


    • contoveros says:

      And all we know of Socrates is what Plato revealed to us!

      Would Socrates exist if “writing” had not been developed? Would his ideas have been lost if Plato developed “writer’s” cramp?


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