Green Eyes demand attention, love and you

Who knows what can move the heart to comment.

Seeing life in another lane, in another person, at another time and place, can bring out something inside of you that was there all along,  but was unable to surface  until a precise moment developed.

Looking back, you wonder, how could I have not seen this before? Where was my mind and why did I overlook it when it stared me straight in the eyes, begging me for just the slight payment of attention?

That’s how I felt when reading something that appeared to be more erotic than spiritual. Yet, it sparkled with a jewel of truth that made me want to respond. Not from the same, everyday world of prose, but with a small offering  of    .    .    .    .    .    .    .   p    o     e    t     r    y.  

(Green eyes have always held a special place in my relationship with others. I always felt I could trust them more than others..

If I was a witch doctor, I think I would like to train one to coordinate the spiritual guidance of  a village. Or, to allow me to be their apprentice in learning to seeking God their way.)

The following is a message I left at the doorway.

Of wants and desires by Greeneyes

You said:


got any room for love to stay a night?
no need to double bed the room,
will stay awake to fill your heart.
Fill it like it was filled as a kid.
Remember that Love? That full fill ment?

No lust. Desire is low-keyed. Slow.
Nothing wham, bam, thank you ‘mam.
Will last longer than one night stand,
And be recalled within your privacy.

Ask for it. With humility. Courage.
It will be provided. It’s there now.
Letting go of the other is easy.
Just love yourself, and by the way,
Forgive the Self. We all did it!
Didn’t we, until we knew we knew?

— Michael J?

8 comments on “Green Eyes demand attention, love and you

  1. Marvelous poem, Michael J. Just wonderful. And in your comments, you really say it all.

    With love, and in Love,



    • contoveros says:

      Isn’t life great to allow words of love to help create love? Reading and reflection helps love to arise. Writing the words in the first place stirs up the essence of love, urging it to surface if our ego simply gets out of the way.

      A poet, then, is twice blessed. Once in creation and second in recreation when another “plays” with the words connecting the two hearts.

      michael j


  2. Thank you for sharing your appreciation of green eyes ! 😉 They do demand attention but I find myself still asking “Where is the Love ?”


    • contoveros says:

      The Love is in me, in you, and more importantly, in Greeneyes. My love is untouchable. Pure essence. Of the Spirit. It has always been and always will be.

      You have it in you. You feel it when you touch God inside.

      No room there for lust, physicality or matters of this world. It is pure, child-like and unconditional.


  3. Sara Fryd says:

    Gosh,:blush: I’m sorry my eyes are brown. 🙂


  4. Greeneyes says:

    anything that stirs our own words is a wonderful thing… and having our own interpretations of someone else’s writings is what reading should be all about…to see meaning that fits our lives or what our needs are at the time creates our personal view of someone elses world…. thanks Michael.. i am glad your words were stirred…


    • contoveros says:


      You are the stirrer, not the shaker!
      Let me turn and swirl with your every word.

      Say nothing. And I will wait until death to hear you once again speak volumes to me in a creative paradise!

      Michael, in eros


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