Gratitude inspires prose, poetry and a post

  Gratitude has been on my mind    

 (A word or two can touch a point within me that calls out for a response. Call it “inspiration,” or whatever, but I feel moved to express deep and personal feelings when I am in a “mindfulness” state of being. Is this what some call a “working” or “writing meditation?” I don’t really know, but I feel positive in performing pieces of prose or poetry prudently per post. Thanks Ashaglen!)Posted by ashaglen on November 9, 2009




“. . . Giving of myself simply because it is born within me . . .” 
Ashaglen,Isn’t it something to come to a realization of some universal truth through the process of meditation? I mean, take your quote I reproduced above. You are “giving” because it is “born within” you.You, me us . . . we all have it “born” within us, and all it takes for us to see it manifest is to stop our runaway thoughts and “be in the moment.”







Take time to see and feel the moment when our inner Self projects love or gratitude or joy, simply because we gave our selves a “taste” of our child, a picture of our child. (For me, I get to stretch out a warm feeling of love when I think of my dog “Willie” whose been dead for some 20 years but visits me routinely in my dreams.)

I am able to spread out that positive feeling and build upon it with another positive emotion, let’s say “awe,” until I get to a point when I am building blocks of goodness higher and higher within my Self.

Whoa, did not want to go this far, but reading you inspired me to take a chance that you might find some interest in how you touched this meditator. 


 Michael J


3 comments on “Gratitude inspires prose, poetry and a post

  1. Michael, since you stopped by new Metta Refuge, I wanted to see what Contoveros’ Blog was all about. I have to say I was really moved by what I found here. You’ve really got some powerful, challenging (in a good way) and thoughtful posts. And your latest post, a response to Ashaglen, inspired me to take a look at her full post, which I loved. And so I found yet another place of light here on WordPress. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your light.



    • contoveros says:

      Unable to reach you via e-mail so I “resent” this request from this spot of our universe:

      Can I recycle your post on Contoveros’ Blog? I think a lot of people would be interested in Metta. I know I am.
      I used to send “love” out to the “Cosmos” when I meditated. (still do, when I can reach that special state). Don’t know why I felt that.
      I don’t recall reading about it; it just felt right to let my “goodness” or “grace” or “love” manifest outside of me for everyone to use at some time they might need it. Even if they didn’t actually “need” it, it would be there for them to receive.
      Sounds a little like the Metta thing, but only in reverse order.
      Well, you know us Greeks. Sometimes our best work is done backwards.
      Michael J


      • Hey Michael!

        Yes, my all means, feel free to “recycle” this or any other post from my blog. You probably know about it, but I find WordPress’s nifty” “Press It” bookmarklet a great way to “click and grab” things of interest and repost them to one’s own blog.

        I love what you said about that “love for the cosmos.” That certainly could be called a kind of metta, or evidence of what our Tibetan friends call the expanding, awakening heart, or “bodhichitta.” There’s no way to nail this love stuff down—to mirror a biblical phrase, Love blows where it will, no? 🙂

        Greek, eh? I wondered about your name. 🙂 As for backwards, well, the world just wouldn’t be as good a place without the Greek contribution to Western culture. We need the Socrates—and the Zorbas!

        With affection,



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