Why Mishaps Plague Me Today of all Days

Footsteps pounding on the steps woke me this morning. My teenage son was running down the stairs. I heard him as I lay in bed.

In bed?

Oh, no! I overslept. Gotta get him ready for school.

Hope I can get him some orange juice to drink if nothing more.

Too late. He’s out the front door and away to school. If traffic is good he might make it driving to high school on time.

I don’t know why, but things seem sluggish today. Yeah, I had two glasses of wine last night, but that has never effected me this way before. Well, I guess I’ll just take it easy. I’ll skip swimming 36 laps in the pool. I’ll simply exercise with the water aerobics class. That’ll get me on track.

Off I go to LA Fitness. Traffic not bad today. Still have that unusual feeling about me though. Will shake it off as soon as I hit the water, I hope.

No good spots to park for the gym. That’s all right, I’ll walk and get added exercise. Starting to rain, but so what? I’m going to get wet soon enough.

Let’s see, I got my towel, got my gym bag, I said as I got out of my car, opened the back door and gathered items I would use. Sure glad I remembered to bring flip-flops. Forgot them the other day. They give comfort and help prevent slipping accidents and protects one from picking up some unwanted fungus from any water spots that may have formed and gotten stale. Can’t be too careful, now a days.

Now, where are my trunks? I left them right on the back seat of my car. Oh, no! No bathing suit. I must have removed it from the car when I was gathering up Phillies’ shirts we bought from a street vendor at half price the day before. He had no bags for the World Series shirts so I just folded them and put them on the seat. Right next to the trunks. The trunks are now below the baseball shirts lying in my dining room, I betcha.

What is wrong with me today? Can’t seem to get anything right. Are my stars not aligned properly with my moon? I wonder whose mad at me from above?

Holy Shit!

Today is Friday.

The 13th!

No wonder the world is a little askew today.

Bad things usually occur in threes. I already count two against me already.

Maybe I should call it a day and simply go back to bed.

Who cares if it’s not even 9 o’clock in the morning.

Might be safer that way.

One comment on “Why Mishaps Plague Me Today of all Days

  1. Friday the 13th is just a superstition. Isn’t it, I said with my lucky rabbit’s foot in hand . . .


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