Who Thinks Up These Connections?

On finishing a Post on writing, I glanced at the possibly related articles and got perplexed.

Where did they come up with such ideas?

I mean, what does writing have to do with whether “Gwyneth” is pregnant with baby number three?

Or, how having your own snowman can possibly compare to “opening your veins” to write with what pours from inside of you, hoping your words could be “good,” or at least, “not bad at all.” ?

One alleged related post, “Moving Day” doesn’t exist anymore. And the last one deals with “Dexter,” an action figure.

Give me a break!

C’Mon WordPress. Fix the damn computer. The automatically generating genie in the computer bottle has been rubbed one time too many, for my money. Trade in that unlit lamp. Find magic connections from a more reliable source.

Maybe Alvin and his Chipmunks could help?

* * * ** * * *

Take a look-see:

Possibly related posts: (automatically generated from Can’t Writing Be Enough For Ya’ll?)

(Good Grief, Charlie Brown! Where is Lucy when these guys need her? What’s that you say? She’s already on their payroll. It figures.)
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One comment on “Who Thinks Up These Connections?

  1. One can easily get lost on the Internet!


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