EFT workout is good for what ails you

EFT Work-Out, Part 2

(From: Healing Technique Sparks Family Fall Out)

Next, I learned to tap the beginning of the eyebrow, and work my two fingers tapping the side of the eye, under the eye and then to tap with one hand under the nose and in the cleft of the chin, before switching to the collarbone, the thymus, the liver points at the base of the rib cage and then the underarms (monkey style with elbows pointing straight out, or with arms crossed the chest hands tapping each side). The last “tap” is on the top of the head.

That’s it. I tried it. Three times. I messed up here and there, until I got the hang of it while watching speaker O’Doherty. She took us through each exercise. I purposely kept my eyes away from others in the class, particularly when we touched the under arm areas. I did not want to be seen as a smiling chimp mimicking his trainer.

By the end, my headache was practically gone. And I was at the beginning of a new path on my Journey of awareness. EFT is based on ancient principles of acupuncture. It “realigns” the body’s energy system by a series of taps. The brochure says it incorporates an emotional element, by focusing on the root problem of a physical reaction to some negative experience in one’s life.  The “disruption” to our energy meridians become healed, and, if properly applied, EFT can remove the real symptoms of pain.

I have to admit that I have had several concussions in my life, a few as a small boy, and the “headaches that I  get in anxious moments, may go back to earlier times. (Fell from an ice truck while “requisitioning” a chunk of ice from the back, striking my head somewhere on the paved road behind and below me when the truck started and pulled away. Knocked unconscious,  I woke up in a hospital.  Was five or six. Had my first taste of strawberry ice cream. Did not like it. Have not expected much from hospital food since. The first EFT session uncovered something my unconscious may have kept hidden over the years. Don’t know where it will take me in the next several weeks. But I’m aboard.) 


I tried to explain all of this when I got home, but got shut out like I was the snake tempting Eve to bite an apple. That’s all right. Spouse has TBI (traumatic brain injury) and I won’t try to force on her some thing she feels is “evil.”  But I have”tasted” EFT and will be back for second helpings with or without another’s approval to help to manage my PTSD  (post traumatic stress disorder).

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