Post to Post Synchronicity No Coincidence

Tag surfing is a lot like a box of chocolate.

 You never know what you’re going to get, until you “bite” into a post.

With all due respect to Forrest Gump, I got quite a bite out of  the tag for “letting go” recently. An article “pulled” me in, as I chewed word after word, savoring the taste of something new but instantly familiar.  The post explained the best process for “Letting Go” that I have ever encountered, and I knew I had to share it with  others immediately upon reading it. What hit me, however, was the name of the author quoted.

A student at a reflexology class a month earlier advised me to read a book by the same writer. I began to read and I felt I was just introduced to a new “teacher” for my life,  someone who would show me a new way of viewing the world. The more I read, the more I related to the book’s findings, which seemed to confirm something I had already known, but could never put into words.

Now, tasting a second piece of that box of chocolate, I know I have more exploring do to with the same author. Watch out. Before you know it, I will have devoured the entire container of goodies. Below shows my “eureka” moment upon surfing Gilda’s Post: 

Comparing letting go to crucifixion

by gildap


I just had one of those “O My God” moments while reading your post. Your quote about a gradual death versus an immediate annihilation hit me right at home, but what devastated me was the source of the quote: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

I just started reading “The Call and The Echo,” by the same author. It was is so moving that I too wrote a post, quoting the book. See Longing

The Sufi, Vaughan-Lee says, are an Islamic sect out of old Persia, who wrote beautiful verses to their “Beloved.” I interpreted the “Beloved” to be a joining of God with the Divine Self, in other words, God and me!

My first encounter with the Sufi, however, was with a post I wrote stating that “to serve God, is to Serve Humanity.”
I got one of those “See related stories” at the bottom of my article. Can’t Hurry God (Part III)

I surfed to the site, something to do with a fellow’s “Sufi homeboy,” and I saw my exact message. But it was delivered a thousand years ago! By Sufis. Who believed you are in communion with God when you are in Service to Others.

I took that to include not only humans, but animals and all of Creation.

And now — for the third time (good things happen in threes, you know) — I come across a similar note [in your post].

This ain’t no simple coincidence. This, my dear Watson, (as Mr. Holmes might say): is Synchronicity.

Elementary synchronicity!

– Michael J 

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